Smarter Spokane

Spokane is becoming safer stronger and healthier by thinking about problem solving in new ways. We are using data to inform public policies and program development to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.

  1. See how the City prioritized being safer, stronger and smarter in 2016. (PDF 11.6 MB)
  2. The City has big plans for becoming safer, smarter and healthier in 2017. (PDF 426 KB)
  3. Learn more about how the Spokane Police Department is driving down crime by using data to more effectively allocate police resources.
  4. Spokane is partnering with local leaders in tech, education and innovation to improve services and address urban challenges.
  5. See how Spokane is changing lives and conserving resources in serving the most vulnerable in our community.
  6. Spokane and our regional partners are committed to changing how criminal justice serves people. Learn more about our blueprint for reform.
  7. We are improving service delivery across the City by using data to drive change.
  8. We are getting to a cleaner river faster by investing capital dollars in new ways to protect the environment and improve neighborhoods.
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