Public Records Request

Before you submit a public records request

Please take a moment to review the multiple resources available that may assist you in what you are seeking.

  • Public records download portal
    Certain public documents filed in the City Clerk’s Office are readily available for search and download.
  • Washington State Patrol
    Vehicle collision reports.
  • Permits system
    Documents and information regarding permits.
  • Spokane Municipal Code
    A collection of ordinances/laws of the City.
  • City Charter
    The Constitution of the City of Spokane; defining the City’s formal organization, rights, and privileges.
  • Policies and procedures
    Documents governing City administrative, executive and departmental operations.
  • City Cable 5
    Online videos of City Council meetings, Plan Commission Hearings, City Council Connection, Mayor’s programs, and other video programs.
  • City Council
    Current and advance City Council agendas/packets, the Official Gazette (publication of City business, including City Council meeting minutes), City Council Rules of Procedure, and special meeting notices.

What is a public records request?

A public records request is a request for an identifiable record held, owned, used or retained by the City in conducting or performing its governmental or proprietary functions. A request for information or research is not a request for an identifiable record.

For more information on public records, consult the Revised Code of Washington Chapter 42.56.

If you need a submit a public records request, please continue to the following form.

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Nature of Your Request

Please be as specific as possible when completing your public records request. We will be better able to process your request if you clearly identify the record(s) you are seeking. Your description of the record(s) must be reasonably and sufficiently identifiable to enable us to locate the record(s) you seek. If you can identify specific dates, locations, buildings, premises, topics, departments, or people involved, it will better assist us in the search for your requested record(s).

The City has no duty to create a record, nor is the City obligated to compile information from various records so that the information is in a form that is more useful to the requestor.

Request Details

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Request Details

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Please provide the building/premises location, specific dates, or people involved, to assist us in the search of your requested record(s). If you are requesting a Fire Investigation Report, please provide the date of the fire loss.

Fire Department Contact Information:

Spokane Fire Department
44 W.Riverside Ave.
Spokane, WA 99201-0189

Enter the date of fire loss as MM/DD/YYYY

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Fire EMS Request Details

As EMS record release requests must be notarized, this form cannot be submitted online. Please download, print, fill out and submit the EMS record release request form according to the instructions in the document.

Police Request Details

It may take approximately 30 business days following receipt of your completed request to receive any requested document(s). Reports are subject to copying fees and are released pursuant to public records dissemination statutes, including RCW 10.97; 13.50; 42.56; and 46.52. If clarification is needed or questions concerning your request arise, you will be notified accordingly.

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