Professional Architectural and Engineering Services

The City of Spokane requests Statements of qualifications from licensed architects, landscape architects, and engineers including environmental, hydrological and geotechnical, who are interested in working with the City on future projects. Firms submitting within the last three years need not re-submit unless updating information. The City will use submittals for two purposes:

  1. A resource file for all City-contracted professional services regardless of cost in accordance with RCW 39.80.030.
  2. To establish a list of firms from which the City may select for projects where the estimated cost of the professional service is less than $50,000. Use of the list by City staff will not be mandatory and departments may advertise separately for upcoming individual projects if desired. Statements of Qualifications are encouraged from disadvantaged, minority and women-owned firms.

To request a submittal package please email City of Spokane Purchasing at

Small Works Roster

The City of Spokane has established a Small Works Roster to expedite the solicitation and award of quotes / bids on small public works projects up to $300,000.00 in value. The Roster will enhance the efforts of the City to reach out to the Contractor community by improving access to opportunities and encouraging competition.

The Small Works Roster will provide a pool of registered contractors for various small construction projects. When the need to have a small public work performed is identified, the City may solicit quotes/bids from qualified contractors recorded on the Small Works Roster in the appropriate category. These projects are not advertised in the newspaper. Instead, the City will solicit quotes/bids from at least five (5) contractors on the appropriate small works roster specialty. If the roster specialty contains less than five (5) contractors, then the total of all contractors registered on that specialty will be invited to submit quotes/bids.

Trade specialties will be assigned based on the categories selected on the application. Contractors are encouraged to apply only for those trade specialties that they are able and willing to perform. Bid bonds are not required and the bidding period is short. A payment and performance bond and the five percent (5%) statutory retainage are required for any project costing over $35,000 including tax. The bond and retainage may be waived on a case by case basis for projects less than $35,000. Payment of prevailing wages is required on all projects regardless of cost.

To request the Small Works Roster Application Form, contact Purchasing at