Strategic Plan

    • Downtown Health
    • Continuous Improvement & Innnovation
    • Accelerating Street Work
    • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Spokane River
    • River Trail System
    • 21st Century Workforce
  • My 311 Staff
  • Standarize Financial Policy
  • Investments in PDAs
  • Open Government
  • Leverage Public Assets
  • Continuity of Operations & Security
  • Integrated Response
  • Spokane Falls CSO Tank Construction
    • Citywide Clean and Safe
    • Sustainable City
    • SPD officer
    • Regional Partners
    • Integrated 911/Dispatch
    • Housing
    • Digital Infrastructure Master Plan
    • City of Spokane logo
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The Joint Administration-Council 6-Year Strategic Plan is a transparent, outcome-driven plan that strategically advances the city's economic vitality with one vision, one plan and one voice. See the 2012-2019 One Spokane Progress Report.

The plan started with a conversation about jobs and economic growth and quickly developed into a roadmap for delivering a safer, smarter and healthier Spokane. It aligns closely to the comprehensive and neighborhood plans, and is based on priorities established by years of public engagement.

After months of work, the plan was adopted at the end of 2017 and included near-term strategies that are part of two-year initial Action Plans as part of the full 6-year Plan. Strategic initiatives focus in four key areas: Safe and Healthy; Urban Experience; Innovative Infrastructure; and Sustainable Resources. Tactics support increases in median household incomes, property values, livable-wage jobs, bond rating, population growth, and social capital, and building the safest city of like-sized cities.

A Community Investment Plan outlines $51.9 million in catalytic investments that furthers a strategic outcome, relies on one-time money without adding ongoing cost, keeps the investment source healthy, and returns additional revenue or a cost reduction. Here is some more information on the investment plan.

Since the plan's adoption, the Administration, Council and staff have been working to advance the initiatives and goals of the plan.

Here are four key initiative areas: