Strategic Plan


The Joint Administration-Council 6-Year Strategic Plan is a transparent, outcome-driven plan that strategically advances the city's economic vitality with one vision, one plan and one voice. The plan started with a conversation about jobs and economic growth and quickly developed into a roadmap for delivering a safer, smarter and healthier Spokane. It aligns closely to the comprehensive and neighborhood plans, and is based on priorities established by years of public engagement.

Workgroups, led by Council and Administration chairs, have prioritized the near-term strategies into 2-Year Action Plans as part of the full 6-Year Plan. A Community Investment Plan outlines $51.9 million in catalytic investments that furthers a strategic outcome, relies on one-time money without adding ongoing cost, keeps the investment source healthy, and returns additional revenue or a cost reduction.

Four Key Initiative Areas:

Safe and Healthy

  • Create a compassionate community so that all people can feel safe, empowered, and welcome
    • 2-Year Action Plan
      • PRIORITY: Develop integrated emergency response
      • Increase and embrace diversity
    • 6-Year Plan
      • Advance public safety through criminal justice reform
      • Reduce homelessness and protect vulnerable populations
      • Beautify Spokane through citywide clean and safe

Urban Experience

  • Promote significant growth that connects people to place and builds upon cultural, historic, and natural resource assets
    • 2-Year Action Plan
      • PRIORITY: Market Spokane's urban advantages and experiences to grow jobs and economic benefit
      • Develop public trails and access points to Spokane River
      • Invest in key neighborhoods and business centers; esp PDAs and small businesses
    • 6-Year Plan
      • Increase housing quality and diversity
      • Advance downtown as region's largest and strongest center
      • Support arts and cultural activities
      • Work collaboratively with regional partners

Innovative Infrastructure

  • Build and effectively manage innovative infrastructure that supports community accessibility, mobility, and resiliency
    • 2-Year Action Plan
      • PRIORITY: Accelerate street improvement, such as grind-and-overlay and surface projects, to catch up on deferred maintenance
      • Support smart use of public land and natural resources
    • 6-Year Plan
      • Develop affordable and predictable taxes and rates
      • Develop Spokane's transportation advantages
      • Advance sustainability as a core principle
      • Promote resiliency and protect our natural environment

Sustainable Resources

  • Make sustainable financial decisions that support strategic goals, deliver excellent customer service, and contribute to economic prosperity
    • 2-Year Action Plan
      • PRIORITY: Grow a 21st Century workforce
    • 6-Year Plan
      • Develop and implement human and financial management practices that are: sustainable; transparent; efficient; and accountable


Success will be measured by outcome-driven strategic measures that will guide future advancements in the plan. Initial measures address areas critical to advancing our economic vitality.

  • Increased median household income levels
  • Increased property values
  • Safety city of Washington-like cities
  • Increase livable-wage jobs
  • Increased bond rating
  • Increased population growth
  • Increased social capital

Contact Information

Safe and Healthy
Chair: Councilmember Lori Kinnear
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: City Administrator Theresa Sanders

Urban Experience
Chair: Council President Ben Stuckart
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley

Innovative Infrastructure
Chair: Councilmember Breean Beggs
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Mike Fagan
Administrative Lead: Rick Romero

Sustainable Resources
Chair: Councilmember Candace Mumm
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Kate Burke
Administrative Lead: Finance and Administration Director Tim Dunivant