Innovative Infrastructure

Build and effectively manage innovative infrastructure that supports community accessibility, mobility, and resiliency

2-Year Action Plan

  • PRIORITY: Accelerate street improvement, such as grind-and-overlay and surface projects, to catch up on deferred maintenance
  • Support smart use of public land and natural resources

6-Year Plan

  • Develop affordable and predictable taxes and rates
  • Develop Spokane's transportation advantages
  • Advance sustainability as a core principle
  • Promote resiliency and protect our natural environment


Under Innovative Infrastructure initiative, City officials have focused on accelerating street improvements, developing infrastructure plans for allow for strategic growth in targeted investment areas, and worked to advance sustainability and smart cities initiatives. New efforts are in the works to advance street maintenance to avoid more costly improvements later. Programs to grade alleys, pave unpaved streets, and tracking street investments are under way. Water conservation efforts are being stepped up, along with plans to more efficiently use City energy resources.

Contact Information

Safe and Healthy
Chair: Councilmember Lori Kinnear
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: City Administrator Theresa Sanders

Urban Experience
Chair: Council President Ben Stuckart
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley

Innovative Infrastructure
Chair: Councilmember Breean Beggs
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Mike Fagan
Administrative Lead: Scott Simmons, Public Works Director

Sustainable Resources
Chair: Councilmember Candace Mumm
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Kate Burke
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley