Urban Experience

Promote significant growth that connects people to place and builds upon cultural, historic, and natural resource assets

2-Year Action Plan

  • PRIORITY: Market Spokane's urban advantages and experiences to grow jobs and economic benefit Develop public trails and access points to Spokane River
  • Invest in key neighborhoods and business centers; especially PDAs and small businesses

6-Year Plan

  • Increase housing quality and diversity
  • Advance downtown as region's largest and strongest center
  • Support arts and cultural activities
  • Work collaboratively with regional partners


Under the Urban Experience Initiative, City staff have continued efforts to enhance public connections with the Spokane River, including the build out of the urban trail system. They are working with partners around the City and community to advance development in the City's targeted investment areas on the West Plains, the Northeast, the University District, and in Downtown. The new SportsPlex planned for the North Bank is moving forward, and voters adopted a plan for improving libraries and schools throughout the community.

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Safe and Healthy
Chair: Councilmember Lori Kinnear
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: City Administrator Theresa Sanders

Urban Experience
Chair: Council President Ben Stuckart
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley

Innovative Infrastructure
Chair: Councilmember Breean Beggs
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Mike Fagan
Administrative Lead: Scott Simmons, Public Works Director

Sustainable Resources
Chair: Councilmember Candace Mumm
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Kate Burke
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley