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Bicycle Systems foster multi-modal transportation within cities—an invaluable component of keeping a city accessible and active. The City of Spokane looks to the visions in the Spokane Bicycle Master Plan for enhancing bicycle opportunities for all residents of Spokane. Its policies and actions are intended to make Spokane a more bicycle-friendly city. As such, Downtown CENTRAL will need to accommodate the bicycle system planning and facility design reflected in the Spokane Bicycle Master Plan.

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The 2008 update to the Downtown Plan recognized the importance of multi-modal transportation, envisioning a fully developed Bicycle System to improve and sustain bicycle transportation in the city. Strategies included building bicycle routes, linking existing routes, and increasing bicycle facilities, especially along pedestrian friendly Complete Streets. The 2008 Plan included a proposed bicycle network to guide where bicycle lanes, shared routes, and multi-use paths could be developed.

With plans to develop, connect, and maintain bicycle facilities throughout Downtown, the 2008 Plan proposed five strategies to promote bicycle transportation. This vision has been continued and elaborated upon with Spokane's Bicycle Master Plan, which offers a comprehensive framework to establish and execute the goals of a thriving bikeways system. The Bicycle Master Plan was recently updated and adopted in 2017. The current plan provides greater detail into the network of bike routes and improvements throughout the City, including the downtown.

Every goal and strategy proposed by the 2008 Downtown Plan has been reaffirmed and expanded upon in the 2017 Bike Master Plan or in the 2017 update to the Comprehensive Plan (Shaping Spokane). During the preparation of Downtown CENTRAL, we will be exploring the network adopted in 2017 as part of the Bike Master Plan and ensuring that Downtown CENTRAL takes full advantage of the connections and access granted by bikeway improvements in the downtown.

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Kevin Freibott
Assistant Planner II, Planning & Development

April Gunderson
Project Planner, Planning & Development

Shauna Harshman
Assistant Planner II, Planning & Development

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