Restaurant + Retail Expansion Program

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The City of Spokane"s Restaurant + Retail Program has been established to ensure businesses have the greatest ability to operate successfully during the COVID-19 economic recovery. The program entails leveraging available private and public space to be used as expanded areas for restaurant and retail activity while maintaining public safety requirements.

The City's Development Services Center staff is adjusting its process to coordinate with other departments for a combined on-site inspection. The application would then continue to be processed, which includes the 10-day public comment period following the normal permit process with a “standard” permit being issued at the end of the process. The “provisional permit” may be subject to conditions and those conditions could change based on the review of the application and any public comment that is received. The applicant may be required to make modifications to the sidewalk café or streatery based on the plan review process.

Temporary Outdoor Dining + Retail Activity on Private Property

Restaurants and retail establishments with access to private sidewalks or private parking may utilize these areas for dining or retails services, in accordance with the safety guidelines, provided the consent of the landlord or property-owner is obtained.

Temporary Outdoor Dining + Retail Activity in Public Rights-of-Way

The City of Spokane is temporarily allowing variances from City Code and permit application requirements for restaurants and retail businesses to expand operating space in designated portions of the public rights-of-way. The City of Spokane is also temporarily waiving fees for sidewalk cafés and streateries. Please review the Design Requirements for Parklets and Streateries.

Details and specifications can be found in the Restaurant + Retail Program Guidebook.


Completed Sidewalk Café and Streatery applications can be submitted to

Completed Special Event Permit applications can be submitted to

Spokane Regional Health District

If you are modifying your current operations please contact the SRHD Food Safety Program (509.324.1560 ext. 2) to see if you have any additional requirements.

Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board

If you are expanding your serving areas to outside you will need to update your license with the LCB. Once complete email it to

Alteration Request Application

Spokane Municipal Code Information

City code sections that were waived or suspended as part of the Mayor's action:

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