One Spokane

Safer. Smarter. Healthier.

Spokane is on the verge of amazing opportunity. Unprecedented levels of investment in our city and a renewed energy give us a chance to really set us apart. Over the past six years, more than $2.4 billion has been invested in Spokane in the form of public and private projects.

Median household income climbed for the third year in a row to its highest levels in at least 10 years. And, our two-year Community Investment Plan will add $52 million in investment around the city, including major projects that would expand the boundaries and impact of the 100-acre park that is the centerpiece of the Intermountain Northwest and enhance Spokane’s urban experience.

The country is taking notice. The Wall Street Journal has called Spokane one of the six great small cities for food lovers, and USA Today writes that Spokane has the second best craft vodka distillery in the country. The New York Times recently held out the Spokane Police Department as a model agency following collaborative reform work the department did.

This work is part of the city’s first-ever Joint Administration-City Council Strategic Plan that has four key initiatives (PDF 13 MB): safe and healthy; innovative infrastructure; sustainable resources; and urban experience.

Over the next year and beyond, you will hear us tell our story of natural beauty and sustainability, opportunity and partnerships, healthcare and education, community and neighborhood. And it all starts with our river, which has seen more than $300 million in investment to keep wastewater out of the river so that you can get back into the river.

We have learned many lessons from that project that have been applied far beyond how we manage wastewater. These innovations are part of the very core of Spokane, a community that has grown up along the banks of a river that has taught us so much.

What we hope you see is progress. Better streets. Improved access to recreation. More responsive and adaptable public safety. A more vibrant neighborhood. A thriving community.

One Vision. One Plan. One Voice.

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