Hacking Washington

Spokane River

November 2019

Spokane is getting noticed by businesses across the country looking to expand, relocate or meet. Spokane is attracting a combination of employers and highly skilled individuals, drawn by the City’s combination of livability, its diverse and talented workforce, and a strong job market.

Sparked by the #hackingwashington campaign targeting the I-5 corridor, many businesses are growing their operations in the Spokane region. For these reasons, Remitly.com recently made the move. “Expanding to Spokane was an easy decision to make and we’re thrilled to be part of the city’s growth,” said Remitly co-founder and chief operating officer, Josh Hug, who is also a Whitworth alumnus. “Our interest in Spokane started with personal ties to the city. Seeing the forward-thinking economic development plan and diverse pool of talent has energized everyone at Remitly about opening an office there.”

As the relatively new CEO of Visit Spokane, Meg Winchester sees the City through the eyes of a newcomer. “Every time a prospective meeting planner comes to tour Spokane, they have the same reaction I had seeing the City for the first time, which is, ‘I had no idea!’”

Marketing and promoting Spokane is Visit Spokane’s primary function and with the changes and growth, it gets easier to attract conferences and visitors. The recent expansion of the convention center, the improvements to the performing arts center, availability of hotels and the Riverfront Park renovations all combine to make an easier sell for meetings and conventions.

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