Downtown Parking Study

Parking Study Timeline

Why are we doing a study?

Downtown Spokane is changing and the City is looking at parking as a key component to economic development and growth. The study will help to identify current parking conditions and create opportunities to hear from people who park downtown. Understanding business and residential parking needs supports strategies that promote community goals to create a workable plan.

The City contracted Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates to take a comprehensive approach to parking as part of the 2018 Update to the Downtown Plan.

Spokane is in a new era of vitality and diversity. Getting parking 'right' is essential to helping the City achieve its larger goals. We are excited to be working with the City, the community, and its partners to ensure the parking system supports all user types, while driving sustainable economic growth.

Phil Olmstead, Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates

The study will help us to identify current parking conditions, create opportunities to hear from people who park downtown, understand business parking needs, and develop parking strategies that support community goals for economic development, housing, and transportation.

What will the study address?

The study will look at many aspects of the parking system including where cars are parked and at what days and times, along with all modes of travel (biking, walking, and transit). This closer look will help identify what is working and what can change to effectively manage parking on the curb. Freight traffic, land uses, and pick up/drop off locations also drive the parking environment. Other components such as parking rates, payment systems, and finding parking are sure to improve the parking experience.

Further, many other planning projects are active that will benefit the study, such as the Central City Line, 2015 Pedestrian Plan, and Bicycle Master Plan. Coordination between these efforts are underway to support downtown development. Downtown Spokane has many projects underway and the ongoing development is being considered and integrated into the study, including Riverfront Spokane and a Spokane Regional Sportsplex concept for the north bank of the river.

Previous Parking Studies

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Downtown Parking Survey

The City is conducting an online survey on parking in downtown Spokane through May 31, 2018.

Survey respondents will be selected in a random drawing to win a $5 gift card!


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