Enforcement Programs

Disabled Parking

City Parking Enforcement Officer routinely enforce Disabled Parking stalls throughout the entire City. This includes all parking lots within the City of Spokane limits, including shopping centers, shopping malls, and any other off-street parking available for public parking without charge (no parking fees paid).

All Disabled Parking stalls are enforceable 24 hours a day, seven days a week even if some or all of the adjacent businesses might be closed. Disabled Parking violations carry a $450 fine.

Residential Parking Pass Program

The Residential Parking Program started as a pilot program involving three management companies for residential buildings in the metered downtown Spokane area. It has expanded to include many other residential buildings as a result of the parking meter expansion. The Spokane Municipal Code designates the rules regarding the distribution of Residential Parking Passes. As this program gains use and popularity with downtown residents, we anticipate being able to manage it with an online portal, but as the program is in its infancy, we are still in the process of developing that capability.

Residential Parking Passes are for use by residents at ALL DAY (formerly 10 Hour) meters, which allows the pass holder to hang the placard instead of paying the meter. It does not prevent pass holders from being subject to other rules regarding parking according to the Spokane Municipal Code. Passes are not intended for use in place of payment at 2 Hour or 4 Hour meters. All Residential Parking Passes must be issued from the City to a Landlord/Property Manager/Property Owner, according to the Municipal Code, so individual passes cannot be issued by the City at this time. The purpose of this stipulation is to verify tenancy within the downtown metered area, which is a requirement for participation in the program.

The City has been in contact with qualifying owners, landlords, and property managers to ensure access to the Residential Parking Program for those tenants who wish to participate in it. Participation is not required, and not all residential buildings within the downtown metered area elect to participate.

For more information, view the Spokane Municipal Code Section 16A.61.5708.

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Boot-and-Tow Program

As of April 2019, there are 2,498 people with four or more unpaid parking citations in collections who are eligible for the Boot-and-Tow Program.

Residential Neighborhood Parking Enforcement

City Parking Enforcement Officers also respond to specific enforcement problems in residential neighborhoods when contacted by citizens on a case-by-case basis. Initial neighborhood enforcement efforts may, but do not always, begin with warning notices being placed on vehicles allegedly parked in violation of appropriate Spokane Municipal Code(s). Follow-up enforcement is normally continued until reasonable compliance is achieved.

Timed Stay At Downtown Parking Meters


Have a question about your citations or parking services in general? Call 311, or for outside city limits, 509.755.CITY (2489)

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