2015 Residential Chip Seal Projects

Project Number: 2015043

Construction Estimate: $576,000

Project Location: District 1 - Regal Street (Rowan Avenue to Francis Avenue Et Al)
District 2 – 33rd Avenue to 36th Avenue (Grand Boulevard to Perry Street Et Al)
District 3 - Elm Street (Broadway Avenue to Boone Avenue Et Al)

Description: These are residential chip seal pavement preservation projects. This work will include all prep work including minor pavement repair and crack sealing. The chip seal will consist of 1/4-inch chip and a fog seal. This project is being funded with Transportation Benefit District Funding.

Status: Construction

Contractor: Shamarock Paving, Inc.

Project Manager - Design: John Miller, 509.625.6700, jmiller@spokanecity.org

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: Summer 2015

Substantially Completed Date: Fall 2015

Award Date: June 17, 2015