Centennial Trail – Summit Gap – Boone to Pettet

The City of Spokane has planned a 2020 construction project designed to complete a missing section of the Centennial Trail in the West Central Neighborhood. The project would provide a needed link between already completed sections of the Trail, connecting the Trail at Boone Avenue & Summit Boulevard to the Trail at Pettet Drive and West Point Road.

The project also will replace crumbling sidewalks and curbing in the neighborhood and enhance connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists to bus stops, parks, schools, and the West Central Community Center.

The project route has been mapped as part of the Centennial Trail for many years. The project has been part of community plans since 2007, when it was studied as part of a larger look to connect gaps in the Centennial Trail. It was first added to City plans in 2009 when it was added to the Spokane Bicycle Plan.

The project currently is in design and construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2020, lasting about three months. City design engineers are working with adjacent property owners to try to accommodate their preferences around parking and landscaping.

On January 27, City staff provided an overview presentation about the project to a committee of the City Council. Citizens can also view a briefing paper on the project. Also, check out the frequently asked questions that respond to concerns raised by some citizens.

Some residents are interested in extending the Centennial Trail from Summit Boulevard through a route that would include a bridge to the south side of the Spokane River. A project like this is mentioned in the City's Comprhensive Plan. Building the current project in West Central does not preclude an additional project like this. And it would enhance the City's trail network.

The Parks & Recreation Department will update its Parks & Open Space Plan in 2020, which will prioritize investments in parks and open spaces. The next step toward the additional trail project would be for citizens to propose its inclusion in the Parks & Open Space Plan.

Construction Project Survey

The City received more than 2,300 responses, which included responses from Spokane city residents, plus many individuals from parts north, south, east, and west of town. More than 550 responses were collected from the West Central Neighborhood alone.

Overall, 82 percent of respondents support the project.

Here is a closer look at the results for residents within the City limits:

  • City residents (1,976 respondents) – 81 percent support the project
  • West Central (555 respondents – more than 25 percent of the total responses from City residents) – 64 percent support the project.
  • Directly impacted neighborhoods (995 respondents from West Central, Audubon/Downriver, Emerson-Garfield, and West Hills) – 72.6 percent support the project


The below renderings provide a glimpse at how the trail would look in different sections of the project, compared to how the area looks today.

Current Proposed Design Drawings

These exhibits show how the trail will fit along the route, with information on curb lines, public right of way, and more. These are not final drawings. The City is working with adjacent property owners on the final plans for the project.

Construction Information

Project Number: 2017080

Construction Estimate: $2,200,000

Project Location: Summit Boulevard from Boone to Pettet

Description: Improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility by filling an existing gap in the Centennial Trail. This project is funded by local and federal funding.

Status: Design

Contractor: To be determined

Project Design: Engineering Serivces, 509.625.6700, centennialtrail2020@spokanecity.org

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: Fall 2020

Substantially Completed Date: Summer 2021

Award Date: To be determined

To reduce pavement degradation, the City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy is in effect for all street-related projects.


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Project Update

The City has successfully completed all environmental review and plans to advertise this project for bids in mid-September. Project award by City Council is expected in early October and, while construction may begin yet this fall, the bulk of this project’s construction will occur in the 2021 construction season. For more information, please email us at centennialtrail2020@spokanecity.org.