Hamilton Street between Desmet Avenue and North Foothills Drive

Project Number: 2010056

Construction Estimate: $3,967,000

Project Location: Hamilton Street between Desmet Ave. and North Foothills Dr.

Description: The project was initially scoped in 2010 but remained on the unfunded list until 2017 when the City received a grant from the Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Program. The intent of the project is to install new traffic signals at all the intersection with protected left turn lights to reduce congestion.

The scope of the project is centered on improving the operation of the intersections which leaves much of the corridor untouched. Paving will focus on patching the length of the corridor for a communication line to connect all the signals together and full paving of the intersections. There will also be ADA curb ramp upgrades at the signalized intersections and limited sidewalk patching.

Status: Design

Contractor: To be determined

Project Manager - Design: Gerald Okihara, 509.232.8800, gokihara@spokanecity.org

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: Summer 2019

Substantially Completed Date: To be determined

Award Date: To be determined