Havana Street Improvements

Project Number: 2014079

Construction Estimate: $3.7 million

Project Location: Havana Street from 37th Avenue to Glenrose Road; Glenrose Road from Havana Street to 57th Avenue and a trail on 44th Avenue right-of-way from Freya Street to Havana Street

Description: Improvements include full width pavement replacement, complete sidewalk gaps and porous asphalt bicycle lanes. This project will also include installation of a 36- inch water transmission main between 37th Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs at 57th Avenue. This project is funded with local and State DWSRF funds.

Status: Construction

Contractor: L & L Cargile, Inc.

Project Manager - Design: John Miller, 509.625.6700, jmiller@spokanecity.org

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: Spring 2015

Substantially Completed Date: Fall 2015

Award Date: May 11, 2015

Weekly Construction Meeting

9-10 a.m.
Ben Burr Park, 441 S. Havana