Concept Study: Latah-Hangman Valley Trail

Connecting Nature, History, and People

This work represents a concept study lead by a private group – the Inland Northwest Trails and Conservation Coalition (INTC ) . The trail is concept only. Any images are for illustrative purposes only. Please respect private property and do not trespass.

No development of any kind, including a trail, will be implemented on public property managed by Spokane Parks without approval from Spokane Parks staff, receipt of all required permits, and additional City-lead outreach.

A New Trail to Explore and Protect Ancient Geography and Wildlife

The Latah-Hangman Valley Trail is a wildlife conservation and pedestrian pathway concept project that could connect neighborhoods and parks. It can serve to protect natural and historic elements in an area that is experiencing development pressure. A nine-mile land and water trail is possible, with water trail entry points, stretching from the mouth of Latah-Hangman Creek where it flows into the Spokane River to the bridge at the intersection of Highway 195 and Hatch Road. The connection project is new, but the landscape and its flora and fauna are millennia old and have been peopled for centuries.

Visitors could experience an array of natural and cultural information along the trail as well as evidence of eras of local history – from the prehistoric mastodons that once roamed the area to the pre-dam salmon runs and traditional agricultural practices still used in some sections today.

Inspired By Connections

Connecting six Spokane neighborhoods and area parks, the concept trail could link residents to the entire spectrum of wealth and resources in the area and connect trail users to the geology, geography and wildlife of the corridor.

The Latah-Hangman Trail project is among initiatives to connect the Spokane River Centennial Trail with linear and loop linkages to adjacent landscapes, enabling a wide range of users to experience all that Spokane’s robust trail system already offers.

Concept for illustrative purposes only

There was a Trail Plan Open House on Saturday, October 28, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at St. John's Lutheran Church (5810 S Meadow Lane Rd).

Special thanks to:
National Park Service, Inland Northwest Trails Coalition, City of Spokane Parks & Recreation, American Society of Landscape Architects Washington Chapter, Spokane Mountaineers, Nicoterra Trails, The Lands Council, Spokane Tribe of Indians, Spokane Riverkeeper, EWU, Spokane River Forum, KOP Construction, SNAP, Spokane Preservation Advocates, Spokane Regional Health, and Neighborhood Alliance of Spokane County.

References to a Latah-Hangman Creek Trail, and related recreation and conservation needs, are included in a number of local and regional plans:

Contact Information

Nick Hamad
Landscape Architect