Spokane Street Preservation North Phase 2

Project Number: 2018143

Construction Estimate: $1,453,000

Project Location: Mission Ave.

Description: Grind and overlay and update curb ramps for ADA compliance. This is a federally-funded project and is separate from the regular grind and overlay and curb replacement projects.

Status: Completed

Contractor: Inland Asphalt Company

Project Manager - Design: Rich Proszek, 509.625.6700, rproszek@spokanecity.org

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: May 2020

Substantially Completed Date: June 2020

Award Date: December 9, 2019

To reduce pavement degradation, the City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy is in effect for all street-related projects.