Sunset Boulevard from Royal Street to Lindeke Street

Project Number: 2014094

Construction Estimate: $2,500,000.00

Project Location: Sunset Boulevard from Royal Street to Lindeke Street

Description: The City of Spokane will repave Sunset Blvd. between the intersections of Royal St. and Lindeke St. This project will update the existing pavement surface by grinding the existing pavement down and overlaying it with new asphalt. The new surface will be striped with 3 vehicle lanes and 1 bicycle lane. There will be 2 travel lanes going uphill and one travel lane going downhill. A wide sidewalk with curb will be created along the north side of the roadway and a new bike lane will be installed on the south side of the roadway. Wheelchair ramps will be brought into ADA compliance and minor storm sewer upgrades and/or repairs will also be included in the project. Sunset Boulevard will remain open during construction.

Current project status as of November 2018 and running through Winter

The work on the Sunset Blvd project will continue into 2019. Traffic control at the intersection of Government Way and Sunset will be removed during the winter, allowing for free flow of traffic at the intersection. Signal will be in place and functional. In addition, one lane of traffic will move East (down the hill) and two lanes of traffic will run West (up the hill).

The following work was completed in 2018:

  • Eastbound, Royal to the Sunset Bridge, Paving work completed
  • Eastbound striping of bike path
  • Westbound, Sunset Bridge to F Street, Paving work completed

Work outstanding, that will be completed in 2019:

  • Westbound, F Street to Royal, grinding, repaving, painting (old pavement is currently in place)
  • Installation of a path to the North of Sunset
Sunset cross section rendering
Sunset Blvd Proposed Design April 2018

Sunset Boulevard Proposed Design - as of 4/4/2018

Information for Local Residents/Property Owners and Busineses:

  • Special Access Requirements
    The City of Spokane is very interested in working with individuals, property owners and businesses to reduce the construction impact. If you have special access needs, such as business needs, personal medical issues or disability access needs, please contact Rich Proszek at the phone/email address given below.
  • Pavement Cut Policy
    If you are considering installing sewer, water, gas or other utility services on Sunset Blvd between Royal St. and Lindeke St, please make sure all of the work is completed by June 1, 2018. The City of Spokane's Pavement Cut Policy specifies that once a street has been rehabilitated, the new asphalt cannot be cut for three years. This Policy can be found on our web site, under the Engineering Standards and Policies section.

Status: Completed

Contractor: DW Excavating, Inc.

Project Manager - Construction: Construction Management, 509.625.7722

Construction Start Date: July 23, 2018

Substantially Completed Date: 06/14/2019

Award Date: June 25, 2018