The YARD encompasses approximately 500 acres of Heavy and Light Industrial zoned property. As a key industrial space, the YARD is modernizing to include upgraded transportation options and enterprising redevelopment initiatives.

Already at home in the YARD are legacy companies including businesses such as Safeway Distribution Center, Food Services of America, URM Stores Distribution, Powers Candy and Nut Company, and Philadelphia Macaroni.


In 2019, the Northeast Public Development Authority (NEPDA) area of focus is growing to include a partnership with the County. The City and Spokane County are entering into an Interlocal Agreement regarding the reformation of the Northeast Public Development Authority to include the County for the purpose to realigning resources, property and services to facilitate economic development and operation of the NEPDA. The NEPDA is also in the process of hiring an Executive Director to assist in furthering the economic development of the target area.

About Us

Vision: the northeast Spokane focus area, known as The YARD, as home to an array of commercial and industrial businesses providing quality employment and economic opportunity to residents in the region, and quality housing for area workers.

Mission: invest in infrastructure, economic development efforts and land development to create business and job opportunities.

NE PDA's Redevelopment Guiding Principles
  • Identify and support priority, catalytic, projects to create sustainable job base
  • Build on past work to integrate the area with the neighborhood and improve economic opportunity for residents
  • Remove barriers to support market development
  • Replace blight with sustainable jobs
  • Promote public participation
  • Maximize revenue generation for private and public use


Spokane County
City of Spokane
Greater Spokane Incorporated

The Greater Hillyard Business Association is a nonprofit organization that:

  • Promotes new and existing businesses and economic development in greater Hillyard and surrounding areas.
  • Promote greater Hillyard as a desirable location to live, work, shop, and play.
  • Organize community business throughout greater Hillyard, to create a VOICE respected in the region.

The goal of the GHBA is to be a catalyst for revitalization of greater Hillyard and strengthen the community by:

  • Creating cohesion of business owners within historic core with those around it.
  • Retaining, assisting, and promoting existing businesses.
  • Facilitating enterprise within greater Hillyard.
  • Advocating/lobbying governmental agencies on behalf of Greater Hillyard business interests.
  • Inspiring property owners to participate and create incentives for participation.
  • Developing a central theme and gathering places.
  • Preserving historic buildings and historically significant features.
  • Making our community more family friendly.

Engaging and unifying Northeast Spokane neighborhoods and organizations through their common goals and encouraging a united voice among community partners is the goal of ONES. ONES facilitates opportunities for cooperation across neighborhood and organizational boundaries. As the organization providing a framework to establish collective priorities and leading efforts to implement neighborhood planning ONES acts as a centralized resource center and catalyst for communication, information sharing, community engagement and volunteerism.

Brownfield Projects

Hillyard Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunity Zone

Spokane is home to Washington's first Brownfield Redevelopment Opportunity Zone (ROZ) designated in the Hillyard Industrial Area, known as The Ranch.

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Under the State Model Toxics Control Act, the City of Spokane has recognized the Hillyard Industrial Area because of its brownfield conditions. With this distinction, the Washington Department of Ecology is able to prioritize funding resources in the ROZ and permits new revitalization tools to encourage brownfield redevelopment. The recognition of this zone aligns with ongoing planning efforts by the City of Spokane and the goals of the Northeast Public Development Authority to guide and implement the cleanup and reuse of brownfields in the Hillyard Industrial Area.

EPA Area Wide Planning Grant

The City of Spokane, the Northeast Public Development Authority (NEPDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are partnering with local businesses and community members to revitalize the Hillyard Industrial Area, known as THE YARD

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The EPA has selected the City of Spokane as a Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Grant recipient. The EPA's Brownfields Area-Wide Planning (AWP) Program and grants assists communities in responding to local brownfields challenges, particularly where multiple brownfield sites are in close proximity, connected by infrastructure, and limit the economic, environmental and social prosperity of a brownfield's surrounding area.

The Area-Wide Plan is a land use and economic development plan for revitalization of THE YARD. There are many potential benefits of the planning process. A primary goal for your Northeast Public Development Authority (NEPDA) Board and this planning process is to create and sustain family wage jobs! Other potential benefits include: Capturing the opportunity provided by the North Spokane Corridor to promote economic revitalization; improved quality of life for residents, employees, and visitors; and, promoting development that is economically and environmentally sustainable.

Developing an Area Wide Plan will take place over an approximate period of two years. Here is a general timeline and next steps for this project.

  • January – March: Identify Issues and Concerns
  • April – June: Develop Recommendation and Draft Plan
  • July – September: Finalize Area-Wide Plan

To learn more, including how to participate in the planning process, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

EPA Assessment Grant

New funding is now available for reuse and revitalization of underutilized properties located in the Hillyard neighborhood thanks to a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Brownfield Community-Wide Assessment Grant.

More Information

The EPA has selected the City of Spokane as a Community-Wide Assessment Grant (CWA) recipient for the amount of $400,000 ($200,000 hazardous substances and $200,000 petroleum).

Grants funds will be primarily used to support environmental site assessments in high-priority areas in addition to creating an inventory of sites and developing community outreach activities. More Information (PDF 34 KB). More specifically, funds will be available through fall 2018 for interested parties to complete Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), hazardous building materials surveys, Cleanup Action Plans, and a variety of site-specific reuse planning activities on their properties.

Whether you're a property owner interested in how this grant can assist you in undertaking environmental assessment or a community member interested in the grant progress, simply following the appropriate links to learn more about how you can benefit from this opportunity. The CWA Brownfield Basics link will be useful to anyone interested in this grant while the property owners and community stakeholders links provide specific information best suited to each stakeholder group.

CWA Brownfield Basics

Brownfields are properties whose reuse is complicated by an actual or potential hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. Industrial sites or former auto repair facilities, gas stations, warehouses, and drycleaners often become brownfields. Many commercial and residential buildings with little or no visible contamination may also qualify as brownfields due to building materials or past use.

A primary method to determine what contamination (if any) resides on a property is to conduct environmental assessments. This video will help explain Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments in more detail.

To learn more brownfield basics including general information about environmental assessment please review the Brownfield Basics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Information for Property Owners

Funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Community-wide Assessment Grant is now available through the City of Spokane to help reduce uncertainty and increase the marketability of properties within "The Yard." Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet for more information. You may also contact Melissa Owen (Project Planner, Spokane Planning & Development Services) at 509.625.6063 or for more information. If you're ready to get started simply complete and submit a Site Nomination Application Form.

In addition to the CWA grant, the City has a variety of tools for the reuse and revitalization of brownfield sites. Please visit the City's Incentives page for additional details. You will find both the Target Area and Citywide Incentives tabs.

Information for Community Stakeholders

Recently Completed Projects

Washington State Department of Commerce Grant Deliverables
U.S. Department of Commerce, EDA Grant Deliverables

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