New Water Use Tier Structure

The City of Spokane has proposed new rate tiers for water use as part of its work to update utility rates for 2021 through 2023.

Under the changes, 90 percent of customers would have the same or lower bills for at least half the year, and half wouldn’t pay more during summer irrigation season either. The median increase for residential customers would be $11 total over the 3 summer months.

The new tier structure does add a fifth, higher-cost tier for customers who use more than 21,000 gallons of water in a month (45 units).

What the Water Structure Looks Like

The below table shows the current water use rate structure compared to the new proposal. These tiers work like stairs. Water used within the first tier is the least expensive. If water use exceeds that tier, additional use is charged at the higher second tier and so on.

Our Water Conservation Master Plan and WaterWise Spokane program emphasize the need to reduce water use in the summertime, when use soars.

Year round median water usage among residential customers equals about 8 units of water a month (about 6,000 gallons a month). Median water usage in the summer equals about 23 units a month (or about 17,000 gallons). A unit of water is a standard of measure in the water world; it equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons of water.

Our goal is to incentivize customers to use 25 units or less of water a month, maintaining the affordability of life-line needs and normal usage. Under the structure, customers who use 25 units or less in a month will pay the same or less than before.

Current Tiers 2020 Cost
per unit
New Tiers
Proposed cost
per unit
(based on 2020 rates)
0-6 units $0.33 0-6 units $0.33
7-10 units $0.70 7-12 units $0.70
11-45 units $0.93 13-25 units $0.93
>45 units $1.20 26-45 units $1.20
>45 units $1.50

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