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Pavilion Art Space

Riverfront aims to showcase the work of local and regional artists in the new Pavilion Art Space located at 574 N. Howard Street.

Featured Artist: Kelsey Fernkopf


Pavilion Art Space

PIET VARIATION by Kelsey Fernkopf

Piet Variation highlights the linear and luminous qualities of neon glass tubing as primary colors playing off the geometries and pallete of Piet Mondrian. It was created through a unique single continuous tube technique known as BIG NEON. Often using tubes up to 30 linear feet in length, Fernkopf’s BIG NEON work manifests the gigantic as it contrasts the fragility of glass with bold design. Illuminated line and curve emanate strength and interact with their environment as wall hung sculpture or freestanding pieces in play with the architecture around them. Using extraordinary lengths and diameters of neon tubing, Fernkopf’s work challenges the boundaries of the medium.

You can view moe of Kelsey's work at Kelsey's website

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