Safer Spokane

An investment in safer neighborhoods, safer parks, and safer streets for a safer Spokane.

Levy Initiative:

The City of Spokane is proposing a community safety levy that would provide necessary resources to Spokane Fire, Spokane Police, the Office of the Police Ombudsman, Criminal Justice, the Office of Emergency Management, and Spokane Parks to maintain existing levels of service, while also bringing new citywide and neighborhood enhancements.

What would be included?

Fire Department and Emergency Response Expansion:
Spokane Fire Badge
  • Implementing a long-term capital plan for the fire department including constructing a new fire station and improving facilities, replacing the aged fleet, and broadening services. This levy would fund the purchase of an estimated 18 large apparatus, and 21 lighter duty vehicles to ensure a timely, safe, and appropriate response including during active wildfires.
  • Expanding the BRU/CARES program to better address community health emergencies.
  • Increasing mental health and peer support services for firefighters to ensure their well-being and readiness.
Community Policing Enhancement:
Spokane Police Officer
  • Expansion of community policing efforts through the relaunch of the Neighborhood Resource Officer program and introduction of 12 neighborhood resource officers, 6 neighborhood traffic officers, and 7 downtown foot patrols.
  • Enhancing capital needs, including but not limited to, replacing 132 police vehicles.
  • Improving overall safety for officers and community members, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring timely and reliable police response.
Oversight and Accountability in Law Enforcement:
  • Increasing funding for additional Police Ombudsman staff and training, coupled with necessary capital investments to boost oversight and transparency.
Justice System Improvements:
  • Providing ongoing support for staffing the Courts and Municipal Justice pilot programs, which have shown early success in streamlining legal process, reducing case backlogs, and reducing strain on the jail.
Community Resiliency:
Spokane Fire Badge
  • Emergency preparedness – Enhancing the city-operated management preparedness to bolster citywide resilience against natural and man-made disasters.
  • Safe Streets Capacity Expansion – Enhancing the capacity of safe streets initiatives to improve urban mobility and reduce traffic-related incidents through all Spokane neighborhoods.
  • Safety in parks – Adding up to four park rangers to enhance safety and security in Spokane's neighborhood parks, ensuring these spaces remain welcoming and safe for all residents.

Why is levy funding necessary for these services?

The City of Spokane is facing a $50 million budget deficit across all accounts. This levy aims to not only preserve existing community safety services, but meaningfully expand them.

This levy proposal addresses the City's structural gap and ensures that Spokane can continue to provide indispensable police and fire protection without severe service reductions that will otherwise be necessary.

Spokane Aerial Photo

Public Safety Community Input

Together we can make Spokane a safer, healthier place for everyone. Please check back soon to complete the public safety survey and stay up to date on community meetings during the hiring process for our next Police Chief. Your voice counts.

The Process

Mayor Announces Search for Fire & Police Chief, Launches Community Safety Workgroup

Mayor Appoints Selection Committee

City Selects Executive Search Firms

City Announces Job Posting

Interviews Conducted

Recommendations to Mayor

Mayor Appoints New Police Chief

Selection Committee Members

  • Mike McNab, Spokane Police Department
  • Julie O'Berg, Spokane Fire Department
  • Maggie Yates, Office of the Mayor
  • Luis Manriquez, WSU Medical School
  • Adam Richards, Providence Medical Group
  • Maryann Moreno, Superior Court (retired)
  • Emilie Cameron, Downtown Spokane Partnership
  • Lisa Robbe, Disability Rights Washington
  • Jeremiah Bourgeois, Law Clerk
  • Maureen Rosette, The Native Project
  • Luc Jasmin, Police Ombudsman Commission
  • Randy Marler, Local 29
  • Dave Dunkin, Police Guild
  • Michael Cathcart, Spokane City Council
  • Paul Dillon, Spokane City Council
  • Hanncel Sanchez, Mujeres in Action (MIA)
  • Bart Logue, Office of Police Ombudsman

Community Safety Meetings

Join us to learn more about the recruitment process for public safety leadership and share your priorities. View the Community Safety Meetings flyer in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and Marshallese.

West Central Community Center
April 9, 2024
5:30 - 7:00 PM

Northeast Community Center
April 11, 2024
6:00 - 7:00 PM

Liberty Park Library
April 16, 2024
6:00 - 7:30 PM

April 30, 2024
5:30 - 7:00 PM
Register online