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Final Plan for City Council Consideration

At the first City Council hearing on June 19, 2017, City Council approved certain changes to the final document in response to public comment and their own final review of the document. Those changes have been compiled in an Errata and by vote of the Council are now considered part of the final document.

The final document, representing the Draft Plan below with the changes in the Errata, will be considered at the next City Council meeting on June 26. See the Upcoming Events page for more information.

  • Errata – Proposed changes to the plan accepted by City Council on June 19, 2017

The changes to Chapter 4 by the City Council were many and in varied locations throughout the chapter. In order to provide a handy reference of the changes to that chapter, the following “tracked changes” document is provided for Chapter 4 only.

Upon completion of the final hearing, the full and complete document will be made available on this site and on the City website. Please note that not all changes proposed in comments made by the public or Council have been accepted by Council into the final document. See the comment matrix below for those changes that were proposed but not accepted by Council.

Draft Plan

Comments Received Since Plan Commission

All of the comments received thus far, since the Plan Commission made their recommendation at the Hearings on March 8 and March 22, have been compiled in a comment matrix. This matrix is provided for consideration of the public. Please note that not all of the changes proposed in this matrix have been accepted by the Council for the final document. See above for the approved changes made to the Comprehensive Plan.

New Quick Reference

A new summary document is available, giving a listing of each of the chapters' vision statements, their goals, and the policies under those goals. This Reference Tool is a PDF, with clickable links to each goal and policy, similar to a website. This document is summary in nature and does not include the discussions, introductions, or background information provided in Shaping Spokane. This tool provides a "quick reference" to allow the public and reviewers to consider each goal and policy with minimum effort. If more detail is needed, please refer to the respective chapters of Shaping Spokane (available below).

Fully Assembled Draft

The full and complete draft of Shaping Spokane (the 2017 Update to the City's Comprehensive Plan) has been assembled and made available for download. It has taken the hard work of many throughout the City to get this draft ready for the final approval process. As such, City staff would like to thank the many members of the public who have contributed their time to Policy Focus Groups during preparation of the document, and those who have commented thus far on the individual chapters as they have been made available. Likewise, City staff would like to thank the City Council and Plan Commission for their many hours of hard work providing input on this document as it has been developed.

All of the comments received prior to February 8 are available in the Comment Matrix, which provides a summary response to each comment received, as well as noting what, if any changes, were incorporated in the hearing draft. Any comments received after February 8 will be summarized similarly as an attachment to Appendix I of Shaping Spokane.

There are essentially two versions of Shaping Spokane found below – the formatted version and the tracked changes version. The formatted version shows all text and graphics as it would appear if the updated document were adopted today. The tracked changes version shows the text of the currently adopted Comprehensive Plan with any deleted text shown in strikethrough and any new text shown in underline. Also included in the tracked changes version are red text boxes with general information pertaining to any major changes that were made. In a new feature, any text that has been moved within the document is now shown in green. For both versions, a "complete" document is available for download as well as each individual chapter. Likewise, each appendix of Shaping Spokane is available for download below.

Formatted Version

Tracked Changes Version

  • Volume V – Appendices to Shaping Spokane
    • Appendix C – Capital Facilities Plan (PDF 608 KB)
      (Volume V, Appendix C is the only appendix for which there is a tracked changes version, as it comprises modifications to language originally from Chapter 5, Capital Facilities and Utilities.)

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