Recycling Appliances

The Waste to Energy Facility and Transfer Stations will accept refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances at the regular garbage rate. The appliances are recycled for their metal content. No commercial-sized refrigerators or freezers are accepted. More information is available at 509.625.6580.

Many appliance retailers will accept your old appliances when you purchase a new. Usable appliances often can be donated. Habitat for Humanity and Spokane Builders Surplus Store will accept them if they are working and under 10 years old.

Finally, salvage services will typically take appliances. Please call first:

  • American Recycling, 509.535.4271
  • Appliance Recycling and Wholesale—East Sprague location at 509.252.0007; East Marietta location at 509.489.3819
  • Be Green Recycling & Salvage, 509.838.4031
  • Big Bubba's, 509.489.1602
  • Discount Appliances, 509.924.2792
  • Earthworks Recycling, 509.534.1638
  • Guaranteed Appliance Sales & Service, 509.928.3368
  • JB Salvage & Demolition, 509.927.5865
  • Pacific Recycling, 509.535.1673
  • Spokane Appliance Recycling 509.570.2612