What is the Spokane Gives initiative?

Spokane is the most compassionate city in the country. Mayor David Condon recently accepted the Friends of National Service local leadership award on behalf of the 34,000 Spokane Gives volunteers who have given their time and talents during the first three years. The Spokane Gives initiative expands on the strong philanthropic efforts already in our region.

As we continue to build the City of Choice and make Spokane safer, smarter, and healthier we invite you to be a part of the volunteerism movement that recognizes and encourages compassion, the impact it has on the quality of life, and the foundation it can build for our future.

What is Spokane Gives Month?

It is a month of unprecedented giving in our region. Intended to support the already impressive compassion in our community, Spokane Gives month establishes a network of volunteer opportunities that matches our community interests with needs.

Why Give an entire month?

In 2016, we expand our giving from one week to an entire month by reaching faith-based, education, business, and public service sectors of our community. The goal is to increase giving exponentially by connecting volunteers’ interests, talents and passion to service opportunities in each sector.

What have we done through Spokane Gives Week?

Since Spokane Gives was founded in 2014, more than 52,000 volunteers have given nearly 274,000 hours of their time. That amounts to more than $6.5 million in volunteer impact in our city during Spokane Gives.

Encouraging year-round volunteerism

Spokane Gives encourages year-round volunteerism. Partnership with Spokane County United Way enables us to track volunteer efforts in our community to measure our outputs (volunteerism) are resulting in impactful outcomes.

VolunteerSpokane.org is the platform that registers agencies, volunteers, and service events that contribute to the lasting impact Spokane Gives has on our community. VolunteerSpokane.org serves as the year-round platform to search for volunteer opportunities in our community.

How can I get involved?

There's no limit to what an act of service could be, anything from donating clothing to a local shelter to mowing a neighbor's lawn.

Through partnership with Spokane County United Way, the service hours completed in our community are tracked to ensure we provide a measurable outcome.

Spokane Gives service events are listed on VolunteerSpokane.org and volunteers can search for service opportunities that fit their interests and availability.

Agencies interested in hosting or managing a service event will work with Spokane County United Way to setup their VolunteerSpokane.org profile.

Count me in, how do I sign-up?

It all starts by registering at VolunteerSpokane.org.

Register as a Volunteer: Registering as a volunteer allows you to sign-up for service events and track the hours you complete.

Register your Organization: Do you have a project you need volunteers for? If so, your organization needs to register with Volunteer Spokane through the Spokane County United Way. United Way will help assist you through the process.

Contact Information

For any additional questions about how to get involved, contact the Mayor's Office at 509.625.6250 or email spokanegives@spokanecity.org

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