The Spokane Parks and Natural Lands Master Plan will guide the Parks and Recreation Department's focus and direction over the next ten years.

The Master Plan is taking a fresh look at Spokane’s Parks and Natural Lands system, and will incorporate strategies to identify and address gaps and to develop park programming and partnerships to enhance recreational offerings. The final plan document will express an ambitious vision for what we want to achieve as a community, with clear actions to make it a reality. The planning process seeks to be inclusive and engage the entire community, providing a variety of opportunities for people to share their desires and ideas.

Your City Your Playground

Nestled along the serene Spokane River and in all directions from its urban skyline lie more than 4,100 acres of protected green space. This is the City of Spokane's park system.

The initial parks plan was drawn up by the legendary Olmsted Brothers under the direction of the Spokane Park Board, whose members determined that Spokane be a model of modern park planning.

The City of Spokane Parks and Natural Lands Master Plan aims to preserve the great foundation laid out by the Olmsted Brothers and founding members of the Spokane Park Board while looking to the future of our urban playground as it best suits current-day and future citizens of Spokane.

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From surveys to workshops, there are numerous ways to get involved in the process. Here's a look at upcoming opportunities:

Parks and Open Space Mapping Activity

Use the online commenting on our interactive map to tell us your ideas for opportunities or improvements throughout Spokane!


STEP 1: Review the Core Categories from the left side bar—Nature, Structure, Maintenance, Recreation, and New Places.
STEP 2: Click on the "Add a Comment" button at the top of the screen. A pop-up with a markers/icons will appear based on the Core Category you clicked on.
STEP 3: Once you've added your comments, go to the "Activity Tab" in the sidebar to see what others in the community have said. Feel free to "like" or "dislike" the comments you review in addition to your own.
STEP 4: Don't forget to take the survey on the Home Screen to provide more of your feedback on the direction of your Parks and Natural Lands.

Go to the Parks and Open Space Mapping Activity

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Building on a Legacy

Parks constitute one of the best means of drawing people out-of-doors. Mothers resort to parks with their little babies and children under the school age, because they can do so with a feeling of safety and pleasure. School children are attracted to parks mainly for active play. Young men and young women go to parks for tennis, baseball, sociable walking together, or even for solitary enjoyment of the beauties of nature.

Olmsted Brothers Report
Report of the Board of park commissioners
Spokane Washington [1913]


Phase I - Inventory & Assessment

February to June 2021

Focus Groups & Stakeholder Interviews


Community Surveys

June - July

Phase II - Creating a Needs Assessment

June to September

Community Workshop #1


Area Workshops


Phase III - Concepts & Draft Plan Development

September to October

Pop-Up Surveys

September to October

Community Workshop #2


Phase IV - Draft Plan Release

November to January

Plan Adoption

February 2022