City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 03
Chapter 03.01
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(Select All) Title 03 Administration and Personnel

(Select All) Chapter 03.01 REPEALED (Administrative and Executive Organization)

Article I. Legislative Branch

Section 03.01.110 REPEALED (Council President and City Council)
Section 03.01.120 REPEALED (Council President Pro Tem)
Section 03.01.130 REPEALED (Hearing Examiner)
Section 03.01.140 REPEALED (City Auditor)
Section 03.01.150 REPEALED (City Council's Office Staff)

Article II. Executive Branch

Section 03.01.210 REPEALED (Mayor)
Section 03.01.220 REPEALED (City Administrator)
Section 03.01.230 REPEALED (Equal Employment Opportunity and Contract Compliance)
Section 03.01.235 REPEALED (Human Resources)
Section 03.01.240 REPEALED (Management and Budget)
Section 03.01.250 REPEALED (Public Affairs/Communications)
Section 03.01.260 REPEALED (Retirement)
Section 03.01.270 REPEALED (Mayor's Office Staff)

Article IV. Financial Services Division

Section 03.01.410 REPEALED (Chief Financial Officer)
Section 03.01.420 REPEALED (Accounting)
Section 03.01.430 REPEALED (Management and Budget)
Section 03.01.440 REPEALED (Treasurer's Office)
Section 03.01.450 REPEALED (Purchasing)
Section 03.01.460 REPEALED (Risk Management)

Article VI. Public Works and Utilities Division

Section 03.01.610 REPEALED (Director of Public Works and Utilities)
Section 03.01.620 REPEALED (Building Services and Code Enforcement)
Section 03.01.630 REPEALED (Engineering Services)
Section 03.01.635 REPEALED (Fleet Services)
Section 03.01.640 REPEALED (Solid Waste Management)
Section 03.01.645 REPEALED (Spokane Regional Solid Waste System)
Section 03.01.650 REPEALED (Streets)
Section 03.01.660 REPEALED (Wastewater Management)
Section 03.01.670 REPEALED (Water and Hydroelectric Services)
Section 03.01.680 REPEALED (Real Estate and Facilities Department)

Article VII. Uniformed Public Safety Divisions

Section 03.01.710 REPEALED (Fire)
Section 03.01.720 REPEALED (Police)

Article VIII. Other

Section 03.01.810 REPEALED (City Attorney)
Section 03.01.820 REPEALED (City Clerk)
Section 03.01.830 REPEALED (Civil Service)
Section 03.01.840 REPEALED (Health)
Section 03.01.845 REPEALED (Regional Emergency Communications Systems)
Section 03.01.850 REPEALED (Spokane Public Library)
Section 03.01.860 REPEALED (Parks and Recreation)
Section 03.01.870 REPEALED (Spokane Area Workforce Development Council Administration)
Section 03.01.880 REPEALED (Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena)

Article IX. Parks and Recreation Division

Section 03.01.910 REPEALED (Parks and Recreation)

Article V. Business and Developer Services Division

Section 03.01.510 REPEALED (Director of Business and Developer Services)
Section 03.01.515 REPEALED (Arts)
Section 03.01.517 REPEALED (Building Services)
Section 03.01.520 REPEALED (Community Centers)
Section 03.01.525 REPEALED (Community Development)
Section 03.01.530 REPEALED (Entertainment Facilities)
Section 03.01.535 REPEALED (Historic Preservation)
Section 03.01.540 REPEALED (Human Services)
Section 03.01.545 REPEALED (Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement)
Section 03.01.550 REPEALED (Planning)
Section 03.01.555 REPEALED (Youth)
Section 03.01.560 REPEALED (Business and Development Services)

Article III. Community and Neighborhood Services Division

Section 03.01.305 REPEALED (Director of Community and Neighborhood Services)
Section 03.01.310 REPEALED (Director of General Administration)
Section 03.01.315 REPEALED (East Central Community Center)
Section 03.01.320 REPEALED (Fleet Services)
Section 03.01.330 REPEALED (Human Resources)
Section 03.01.335 REPEALED (Human Services)
Section 03.01.340 REPEALED (Management Information Services)
Section 03.01.350 REPEALED (Spokane Municipal Court)
Section 03.01.355 REPEALED (Probation Department)
Section 03.01.360 REPEALED (Public Defender)
Section 03.01.370 REPEALED (Risk Management)
Section 03.01.380 REPEALED (Youth)