City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 03
Chapter 03.08
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(Select All) Title 03 Administration and Personnel

(Select All) Chapter 03.08 REPEALED (Ambassador Incentive Program)

Section 03.08.010 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 03.08.020 REPEALED (Establishment and Purpose)
Section 03.08.030 REPEALED (Productivity Board Created – Members – Terms)
Section 03.08.040 REPEALED (Division Head Responsibilities)
Section 03.08.050 REPEALED (Rules for Administration of Chapter)
Section 03.08.060 REPEALED (Suggestion Acceptability)
Section 03.08.070 REPEALED (Determination of Award)
Section 03.08.080 REPEALED (Amount and Payment of Award – Transfer of Funds to General Fund)
Section 03.08.090 REPEALED (Persons Eligible for Awards)
Section 03.08.100 REPEALED (Ownership of Suggestions)
Section 03.08.110 REPEALED (Incentive Awards Not Included in Retirement Calculations)
Section 03.08.120 REPEALED (Reconsideration of Decision)
Section 03.08.130 REPEALED (Recognition Awards)