City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 10
Chapter 10.05
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(Select All) Title 10 Regulation of Activities

Division I. Penal Code

(Select All) Chapter 10.05 REPEALED (Offenses Against Commerce or Economy)

Section 10.05.020 REPEALED (Counterfeiting – Definitions)
Section 10.05.022 REPEALED (Counterfeiting Trademark, Brand, etc.)
Section 10.05.024 REPEALED (Counterfeiting – Penalty)
Section 10.05.026 REPEALED (Seizure of Counterfeit Items)
Section 10.05.030 REPEALED (Criminal Mistreatment)
Section 10.05.040 REPEALED (Obscuring the Identity of a Machine)
Section 10.05.062 REPEALED (Possessing Stolen Property – Definition – Access Devices, Presumption)
Section 10.05.064 REPEALED (Possessing Stolen Property in the Third Degree)
Section 10.05.070 REPEALED (Gambling Cheating)
Section 10.05.080 REPEALED (Damaging Utility Equipment)
Section 10.05.100 REPEALED (Theft in the Third Degree)
Section 10.05.105 REPEALED (Theft – Definitions, Defense)
Section 10.05.107 REPEALED (Wage Theft)
Section 10.05.110 REPEALED (Unlawful Issuance of Checks or Drafts)
Section 10.05.115 REPEALED (Theft of Subscription Television Services)
Section 10.05.120 REPEALED (Theft of Rental Property)
Section 10.05.122 REPEALED (Failure to Deliver Leased Personal Property)