City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 10
Chapter 10.08
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(Select All) Title 10 Regulation of Activities

Division I. Penal Code

(Select All) Chapter 10.08 Offenses Against Public Health

Article I. In General

Section 10.08.010 Litter and Rubbish
Section 10.08.020 REPEALED (Public Disturbance Noise)
Section 10.08.030 REPEALED (Nuisance)
Section 10.08.040 Fire Hazard from Vegetation and Debris
Section 10.08.050 Selling or Giving Tobacco to Minor – Belief of Representative Capacity, No Defense – Penalty
Section 10.08.055 Purchase, Possession of Tobacco by Minor
Section 10.08.060 Sale of Phosphorus Products
Section 10.08.065 Pretreatment Violations – Criminal Prosecution

Article II. Adult Arcades

Section 10.08.070 Findings
Section 10.08.080 Purpose
Section 10.08.085 REPEALED (Bail Jumping)
Section 10.08.090 Definitions
Section 10.08.100 Interior Configuration and Operation
Section 10.08.110 Duties, Standards of Conduct and Operational Requirements
Section 10.08.111 Adult Arcade Premises License Required
Section 10.08.112 Littering Prohibited – Penalties – Litter Cleanup Restitution Payment
Section 10.08.113 Adult Arcade Manager’s License Required
Section 10.08.114 Adult Arcade Device License Required
Section 10.08.115 License Fees – Term – Assignment – Renewals
Section 10.08.116 Licensing – Compliance with other City Ordinances
Section 10.08.117 Inspections
Section 10.08.118 Issuance of License
Section 10.08.119 Expiration of License
Section 10.08.1191 Application Approval or Denial – Appeal
Section 10.08.11910 Continuation of Business while Licensing Administrator and Hearing Examiner Decision Pending
Section 10.08.1192 Suspension of Licenses
Section 10.08.1193 Revocation of Licenses
Section 10.08.1194 Procedure for Suspension or Revocation
Section 10.08.1195 Transfer of License
Section 10.08.1196 Denial Review
Section 10.08.1197 Notices
Section 10.08.120 Civil Remedies
Section 10.08.130 Criminal Penalties
Section 10.08.140 Code Violations and Enforcement
Section 10.08.150 Conflicting Sections or Provisions
Section 10.08.160 Time Frame for Compliance of Nonconforming Adult Arcade Devices or Premises
Section 10.08.170 Ordinance Not Intended Towards Particular Group or Class
Section 10.08.180 Severability Clause
Section 10.08.190 Adult Retail Use and Adult Entertainment Establishments
Section 10.08.195 Adult Retail Use Establishment and Adult Entertainment Establishment – Operating in Prohibited Area

Article III. Liquor

Section 10.08.200 Opening or Consuming Liquor in Public Place – Penalty
Section 10.08.210 Furnishing Liquor to Minors – Possession, Use – Exhibition of Effects – Exceptions
Section 10.08.220 Minor Purchasing or Attempting to Purchase Liquor
Section 10.08.230 Minor Purchasing or Attempting to Purchase Liquor – Penalty against Persons between Ages of Eighteen and Twenty, Inclusive
Section 10.08.240 Sales of Liquor to Minors a Violation
Section 10.08.242 Unlawful Transfer to a Minor of an Identification of Age
Section 10.08.244 Unlawful Acts relating to Card of Identification and Certification Card – Penalties
Section 10.08.246 Liquor Purchase by Persons Apparently Under Influence
Section 10.08.248 Keg Registration
Section 10.08.250 General Penalties - Jurisdiction for Violations
Section 10.08.260 Leaving Children Unattended in Parked Automobile
Section 10.08.270 Alcohol Impact Areas
Section 10.08.280 Alcohol Advertising Regulations

Article IV. Inhaling Toxic Fumes

Section 10.08.300 Definition
Section 10.08.310 Unlawful Inhalation – Exception
Section 10.08.320 Possession of Certain Substances Prohibited – When
Section 10.08.330 Sale of Certain Substances Prohibited – When
Section 10.08.340 Penalty

Article V. Electronic Cigarettes and Related Devices

Section 10.08.500 Findings
Section 10.08.510 Purpose and Intent
Section 10.08.520 Definitions
Section 10.08.530 Sampling, Sales to Persons Under Eighteen Prohibited
Section 10.08.540 Coupons
Section 10.08.550 Purchase by Persons Under Eighteen Prohibited
Section 10.08.560 Prohibition Sign to be Posted – Identification Required (See RCW 70.155.020)
Section 10.08.570 Mechanical Sales Restricted
Section 10.08.580 Enforcement / Penalties
Section 10.08.590 Article to be Harmonized With State, Federal Law – Severability