City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 11
Chapter 11.10A
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(Select All) Title 11 Regulation of Building and Land Use

(Select All) Chapter 11.10A REPEALED (Aquifer Protection – Critical Materials)

Section 11.10A.010 REPEALED (In General – Objectives)
Section 11.10A.015 REPEALED (No Duty Created)
Section 11.10A.018 REPEALED (Pre-emption – Severability)
Section 11.10A.020 REPEALED (Scope and Application)
Section 11.10A.030 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.10A.0302 REPEALED (Aquifer or Spokane Aquifer)
Section 11.10A.0304 REPEALED (Aquifer Sensitive Area or ASA)
Section 11.10A.0306 REPEALED (Critical Amount)
Section 11.10A.0308 REPEALED (Critical Material)
Section 11.10A.0310 REPEALED (Critical Material Activity)
Section 11.10A.0312 REPEALED (Critical Materials Handbook)
Section 11.10A.0314 REPEALED (Critical Review)
Section 11.10A.0316 REPEALED (Critical Review Action)
Section 11.10A.0318 REPEALED (Critical Review Applicant)
Section 11.10A.0320 REPEALED (Critical Review Officer – Authority)
Section 11.10A.0322 REPEALED (Critical Review Statement)
Section 11.10A.0324 REPEALED (Hearing Officer)
Section 11.10A.0326 REPEALED (Reasonable Cause)
Section 11.10A.040 REPEALED (Critical Review – Requirements)
Section 11.10A.042 REPEALED (New Storage Systems – Tanks – Associated Piping)
Section 11.10A.050 REPEALED (Enforcement Action – By Designation)
Section 11.10A.060 REPEALED (Prohibition – Nuisance)
Section 11.10A.0602 REPEALED (Nuisance – Procedures)
Section 11.10A.0604 REPEALED (Spills – Prevention – Monitoring – Response)
Section 11.10A.070 REPEALED (Authority to Require Further Disclosures)
Section 11.10A.080 REPEALED (Other Activity Subject to Critical Review – Compliance with Chapter)
Section 11.10A.090 REPEALED (Enforcement – Examination of Critical Review Statement)
Section 11.10A.110 REPEALED (Appeals)
Section 11.10A.120 REPEALED (Regulations)
Section 11.10A.130 REPEALED (Violations)
Section 11.10A.140 REPEALED (City Performance)
Section 11.10A.150 REPEALED (Penalty)
Section 11.10A.200 REPEALED (Purpose and Application)
Section 11.10A.205 REPEALED (Underground Storage Tank Defined)
Section 11.10A.210 REPEALED ([Reserved])
Section 11.10A.220 REPEALED (Permit and Approval Tag Required)
Section 11.10A.230 REPEALED (Permit and Approval Tag – Issuance – Duration)
Section 11.10A.240 REPEALED (Permit Conditions – Fees – Expenses)
Section 11.10A.250 REPEALED (Approval Tag – Conditions)
Section 11.10A.260 REPEALED (Revocation of Approval Tag and Permit)
Section 11.10A.270 REPEALED (Inventory Records)
Section 11.10A.280 REPEALED (Reporting Failures, Leaks and Leak Risks)
Section 11.10A.290 REPEALED (Spill Prevention and Protection)
Section 11.10A.300 REPEALED (Maximum Useful Life)
Section 11.10A.310 REPEALED (Categories of Use)
Section 11.10A.320 REPEALING (Safeguarding)
Section 11.10A.330 REPEALED (Change in Use Category – Approval – Exemptions)
Section 11.10A.340 REPEALED (Unused Tanks – Requirements)
Section 11.10A.350 REPEALED (Authority of Fire Official)
Section 11.10A.360 REPEALED (Violations)
Section 11.10A.370 REPEALED (Pre-emption – Severability)