City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 11
Chapter 11.17
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(Select All) Title 11 Regulation of Building and Land Use

(Select All) Chapter 11.17 REPEALED (Sign Code)

Section 11.17.010 REPEALED (Signs – In General)
Section 11.17.020 REPEALED (Sign and Sign Types Defined)
Section 11.17.0201 REPEALED (Banner Defined)
Section 11.17.0202 REPEALED (Billboard Defined)
Section 11.17.0203 REPEALED (Combination Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0204 REPEALED (Electric Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0205 REPEALED (Flashing or Pulsating Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0206 REPEALED (Freestanding Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0207 REPEALED (Ground Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.02075 REPEALED (Incidental Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0208 REPEALED (Marquee Defined)
Section 11.17.0209 REPEALED (Pole Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0210 REPEALED (Projecting Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0211 REPEALED (Readerboard Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0212 REPEALED (Roof Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0213 REPEALED (Temporary Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0214 REPEALED (Viaduct Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0215 REPEALED (Wall Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0220 REPEALED (Off-premise Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0225 REPEALED (Animated Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0230 REPEALED (Changing Message Center Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.0235 REPEALED (Chasing Sign Defined)
Section 11.17.030 REPEALED (Technical Definitions)
Section 11.17.040 REPEALED (Permit – Exemptions)
Section 11.17.050 REPEALED (Design Standards – In General)
Section 11.17.060 REPEALED (Design Standards – Wind Load)
Section 11.17.070 REPEALED (Design Standards – Combined Loads)
Section 11.17.080 REPEALED (Design Standards – Allowable Stresses)
Section 11.17.090 REPEALED (Design Standards – Anchorage)
Section 11.17.100 REPEALED (Construction Standards – In General)
Section 11.17.110 REPEALED (Steel)
Section 11.17.120 REPEALED (Wooden Anchors)
Section 11.17.130 REPEALED (Combustible Materials)
Section 11.17.140 REPEALED (Trim)
Section 11.17.150 REPEALED (Anchorage)
Section 11.17.160 REPEALED (Billboard – Signboard)
Section 11.17.170 REPEALED (Flashing, Pulsating Directional Sign)
Section 11.17.180 REPEALED (Ground Sign)
Section 11.17.190 REPEALED (Marquee Sign)
Section 11.17.200 REPEALED (Pole Sign)
Section 11.17.210 REPEALED (Projecting Sign)
Section 11.17.220 REPEALED (Electric Projecting Sign)
Section 11.17.230 REPEALED (Roof Sign)
Section 11.17.240 REPEALED (Temporary Sign)
Section 11.17.250 REPEALED (Viaduct Sign)
Section 11.17.260 REPEALED (Wall Sign)
Section 11.17.270 REPEALED (Nonconforming Sign)
Section 11.17.280 REPEALED (Maintenance)
Section 11.17.290 REPEALED (Removal of Sign)
Section 11.17.300 REPEALED (Clearances)
Section 11.17.310 REPEALED (Zoning – General Requirements)
Section 11.17.315 REPEALED (Billboard Regulations)
Section 11.17.320 REPEALED (Projection)
Section 11.17.330 REPEALED (Illumination)
Section 11.17.331 REPEALED (Signs on Public Property)
Section 11.17.332 REPEALED (Political Campaign Signs)
Section 11.17.335 REPEALED (Residential Agriculture (RA) Zone)
Section 11.17.336 REPEALED (Country Residential Zone)
Section 11.17.337 REPEALED (Residential Suburban Zone)
Section 11.17.340 REPEALED (Residential Single-family Zone (RSF))
Section 11.17.360 REPEALED (Residential Two-family Zone (RTF))
Section 11.17.370 REPEALED (Residential Multifamily (RMF) and Residential High Density (RHD) Zones)
Section 11.17.380 REPEALED (Residence-Office, Office, and Office Retail Zones)
Section 11.17.390 REPEALED (B1 – Local Business Zone, and NR – Neighborhood Retail and NMU Neighborhood Mixed-used Zones)
Section 11.17.400 REPEALED (B2-1, B2, and CB Community Business Zones)
Section 11.17.410 REPEALED (Central Business District (CBD) Zone)
Section 11.17.420 REPEALED (Other Zones)
Section 11.17.425 REPEALED (Adult Business)
Section 11.17.426 REPEALED (Adult Business – Special Definitions)
Section 11.17.430 REPEALED (Coliseum District)
Section 11.17.440 REPEALED (Limited Zone)
Section 11.17.450 REPEALED (General Shorelines Regulations)
Section 11.17.460 REPEALED (Upriver Environment)
Section 11.17.470 REPEALED (Central Falls Environment)
Section 11.17.480 REPEALED (Downriver and Latah Creek Environments)
Section 11.17.500 REPEALED (Motorist Information Sign)
Section 11.17.600 REPEALED (Purpose)
Section 11.17.610 REPEALED (Application)
Section 11.17.620 REPEALED (Administrative Regulations)
Section 11.17.630 REPEALED (Exemptions)
Section 11.17.640 REPEALED (Prohibited Signs)
Section 11.17.650 REPEALED (Location on Site)
Section 11.17.660 REPEALED (Signs Permitted in All Zones)
Section 11.17.670 REPEALED (Agricultural and Residential Zones)
Section 11.17.680 REPEALED (Commercial and Industrial Zones)
Section 11.17.690 REPEALED (Description of Standards)