City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 11
Chapter 11.19
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(Select All) Title 11 Regulation of Building and Land Use

(Select All) Chapter 11.19 Zoning Code

Section 11.19.270 REPEALED (Historical Structures and Historic District Overlay Zone)

Article I. General Provisions and Definitions

Section 11.19.010 REPEALED (In General)
Section 11.19.020 REPEALED (Scope and Application)
Section 11.19.0302 REPEALED (Accessory)
Section 11.19.03023 REPEALED (Adult Retail Use Establishment)
Section 11.19.03025 REPEALED (Adult Entertainment Establishment)
Section 11.19.0303 REPEALED (Agricultural Crop Production)
Section 11.19.03035 REPEALED (Automotive Maintenance, Limited)
Section 11.19.0304 REPEALED (Boarding Home)
Section 11.19.0305 REPEALED (Bonus Density, Residential PUD)
Section 11.19.0306 REPEALED (Breezeway)
Section 11.19.0307 REPEALED (Business Records Storage Facility)
Section 11.19.0308 REPEALED (Carport)
Section 11.19.0309 REPEALED (Comprehensive Plan)
Section 11.19.0310 REPEALED (Day Care Facility)
Section 11.19.0311 REPEALED (Design Area - Design Plan)
Section 11.19.03113 REPEALED (Dish Antenna)
Section 11.19.0312 REPEALED (Drive-In Restaurant)
Section 11.19.0313 REPEALED (Dwelling Unit)
Section 11.19.0314 REPEALED (Essential Public Facilities)
Section 11.19.0315 REPEALED (Farm)
Section 11.19.0316 REPEALED (Garage)
Section 11.19.0317 REPEALED (Height Defined)
Section 11.19.0318 REPEALED (Historic)
Section 11.19.0320 REPEALED (Home Occupation)
Section 11.19.0321 REPEALED (Innovative Residential Development)
Section 11.19.03215 REPEALED (Interior Decorator Studio)
Section 11.19.0322 REPEALED (Junkyard)
Section 11.19.0324 REPEALED (Kennel)
Section 11.19.03241 REPEALED (Limited "L" Zones)
Section 11.19.0325 REPEALED (Livestock)
Section 11.19.0326 REPEALED (Lot Depth)
Section 11.19.0328 REPEALED (Lot Width)
Section 11.19.0330 REPEALED (Mini-Storage)
Section 11.19.0332 REPEALED (Moped)
Section 11.19.0334 REPEALED (Motel)
Section 11.19.0336 REPEALED (Nonconforming)
Section 11.19.0338 REPEALED (Nursery School)
Section 11.19.0340 REPEALED (Parking Area, Private)
Section 11.19.0342 REPEALED (Parking Lot, Public)
Section 11.19.0344 REPEALED (Parking Strip)
Section 11.19.0345 REPEALED (Plans-In-Lieu)
Section 11.19.0346 REPEALED (Planting Strip)
Section 11.19.0347 REPEALED (Public Facility)
Section 11.19.0348 REPEALED (Recreational Vehicle)
Section 11.19.0349 REPEALED (Risk Potential Activity of Facility)
Section 11.19.03495 REPEALED (Secure Community Transition Facility)
Section 11.19.0350 REPEALED (Semi-Public Facility)
Section 11.19.0352 REPEALED (Service Station)
Section 11.19.0353 REPEALED (Shopping Center)
Section 11.19.0354 REPEALED (Small Animal Farm)
Section 11.19.0355 REPEALED (Specified Anatomical Areas)
Section 11.19.0356 REPEALED (Specified Sexual Activities)
Section 11.19.0358 REPEALED (Towing Service Establishment)
Section 11.19.0360 REPEALED (Townhouse)
Section 11.19.0370 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Antenna Array)
Section 11.19.0372 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Facility)
Section 11.19.0375 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Support Tower)
Section 11.19.0380 REPEALED (Zoning Agreement)

Article II. Zones and Uses

Section 11.19.040 REPEALED (Zone Classification – Planned Unit Development and Plans in lieu)
Section 11.19.050 REPEALED (AG Agricultural Zone)
Section 11.19.051 REPEALED (AG Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.052 REPEALED (AG-1 Zone – Category I – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.053 REPEALED (Ag Zone – Category II – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.054 REPEALED (AG-D Zone – Category III – Protected Agricultural Design Area)
Section 11.19.055 REPEALED (AG Zones – Storage)
Section 11.19.056 REPEALED (AG Zones – Signs)
Section 11.19.057 REPEALED (AG Zones – Off-street Parking and Loading)
Section 11.19.058 REPEALED (AG Zones – Sewage Disposal – Water Sources)
Section 11.19.059 REPEALED (AG Zones – Agricultural Taxation)
Section 11.19.060 REPEALED (CR Country Residential Zone)
Section 11.19.061 REPEALED (CR Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.062 REPEALED (CR-1 Zone – Category I)
Section 11.19.063 REPEALED (CR Zone – Category II)
Section 11.19.064 REPEALED (CR Zone – Storage)
Section 11.19.065 REPEALED (CR Zone – Signs)
Section 11.19.066 REPEALED (CR Zone – Off-street Parking and Loading)
Section 11.19.067 REPEALED (CR Zone – Sewage Disposal – Water Source)
Section 11.19.068 REPEALED (CR Zone – Agricultural Taxation)
Section 11.19.070 REPEALED (RS Residential Surburan Zone)
Section 11.19.071 REPEALED (RS Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.072 REPEALED (RS Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.073 REPEALED (RS Zone – Storage)
Section 11.19.074 REPEALED (RS Zone – Signs)
Section 11.19.075 REPEALED (RS Zone – Off-street Parking and Loading)
Section 11.19.076 REPEALED (RS Zone – Area, Height and Yard Requirements)
Section 11.19.080 REPEALED (One-family Residence Zone)
Section 11.19.081 REPEALED (R1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.082 REPEALED (R1 Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.083 REPEALED (R1 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.090 REPEALED (R2 Two-family Residence Zone)
Section 11.19.091 REPEALED (R2 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.095 REPEALED (Mini-Storage)
Section 11.19.100 REPEALED (R3 Multifamily Residence Zone)
Section 11.19.101 REPEALED (R3 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.102 REPEALED (R3 Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.110 REPEALED (R4 Multifamily Residence Zone)
Section 11.19.111 REPEALED (R4 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.112 REPEALED (R4 Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.120 REPEALED (RO Residence-Office Zone)
Section 11.19.121 REPEALED (RO-1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.123 REPEALED (RO Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.124 REPEALED (RO Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.125 REPEALED (RO Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.130 REPEALED (Local Business Zone)
Section 11.19.131 REPEALED (B1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.132 REPEALED (B1 Zone -- Special Permits)
Section 11.19.133 REPEALED (B1 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.140 REPEALED (B2 Community Business Zone)
Section 11.19.141 REPEALED (B2-1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.142 REPEALED (B2-1 Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.143 REPEALED (B2-1 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.144 REPEALED (B2 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.145 REPEALED (B2 Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.146 REPEALED (B2 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.150 REPEALED (B3 Central Business Zone)
Section 11.19.151 REPEALED (B3-1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.154 REPEALED (B3 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.156 REPEALED (B3 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.160 REPEALED (C Commercial Zone)
Section 11.19.161 REPEALED (C-1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.162 REPEALED (C-1 Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.164 REPEALED (C Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.165 REPEALED (C Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.166 REPEALED (C Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.170 REPEALED (M1 Light Industrial Zone)
Section 11.19.171 REPEALED (M1-1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.172 REPEALED (M1-1 Zone – Special Permits)
Section 11.19.174 REPEALED (M1 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.175 REPEALED (M1 Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.176 REPEALED (M1 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.180 REPEALED (M2 Heavy Industrial Zone)
Section 11.19.181 REPEALED (M2 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.182 REPEALED (M2 Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.183 REPEALED ( M2 Zone – Special Provisions)
Section 11.19.190 REPEALED (M3 Unrestricted Industrial Zone)
Section 11.19.191 REPEALED (M3 Zone – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.192 REPEALED (M3 Zone – Special Permit)
Section 11.19.1930 REPEALED (Intent)
Section 11.19.1931 REPEALED (Types of Centers/Corridors)
Section 11.19.19310 REPEALED (Setbacks and Required Sidewalk Width)
Section 11.19.19311 REPEALED (Parking)
Section 11.19.19312 REPEALED (Landscaping and Screening of Parking Lots)
Section 11.19.19313 REPEALED (Street Trees)
Section 11.19.19314 REPEALED (Signs)
Section 11.19.19315 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.1932 REPEALED (Centers/Corridors – Official Zoning Map)
Section 11.19.1933 REPEALED (Historical Special Valuation Tax Incentive)
Section 11.19.1934 REPEALED (Administrative Rules)
Section 11.19.1935 REPEALED (Initial Design Standards and Guidelines for Centers and Corridors)
Section 11.19.1936 REPEALED (Center and Corridor Zone Allowed Uses)
Section 11.19.1937 REPEALED (Floor Area Ratios (FAR))
Section 11.19.1938 REPEALED (Public Amenities Allowing Bonus FAR)
Section 11.19.1939 REPEALED (Maximum Building Height)
Section 11.19.194 REPEALED (CBD Central Business District Zone)
Section 11.19.195 REPEALED (CBD Allowed Uses)
Section 11.19.196 REPEALED (CBD Dimensional Standards)
Section 11.19.197 REPEALED (CBD Building and Streetscape Features)
Section 11.19.198 REPEALED (CBD Review and Approval Process)
Section 11.19.199 REPEALED (PR Park and Recreation Zone)
Section 11.19.200 REPEALED (Zone Boundaries)
Section 11.19.210 REPEALED (Parcel in Two Zones)
Section 11.19.220 REPEALED (Official Zoning Map)

Article III. Special Districts

Section 11.19.225 REPEALED (Agricultural Overlay Zone)
Section 11.19.226 REPEALED (Permitted Activities)
Section 11.19.227 REPEALED (Keeping of Animals – Standards)
Section 11.19.228 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.229 REPEALED (Public Notice)
Section 11.19.230 REPEALED (Airport Districts)
Section 11.19.240 REPEALED (Design District – Purpose)
Section 11.19.241 REPEALED (Design District – Authority)
Section 11.19.242 REPEALED (Design District – Definitions)
Section 11.19.243 REPEALED (Design District – Procedure)
Section 11.19.244 REPEALED (Project Compliance with Design Plans)
Section 11.19.245 REPEALED (Design Zones – General Provisions)
Section 11.19.246 REPEALED (R2-D Two-family Residence Design Zone)
Section 11.19.247 REPEALED (R3-D Multifamily Residence Design Code)
Section 11.19.248 REPEALED (R4-D Multifamily Residence Design Zone)
Section 11.19.249 REPEALED (RO-1 High-density Residence/Office Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2491 REPEALED (B1-D Local Business Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2492 REPEALED (B2-1D Community Business Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2493 REPEALED (B2-D Community Business Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2494 REPEALED (C-1D Heavy Commercial Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2495 REPEALED (M1-1D Light Industrial Design Zone)
Section 11.19.2496 REPEALED (M1-D Light Industrial Design Zone)
Section 11.19.250 REPEALED (Floodplain Management District)
Section 11.19.2520 REPEALED (Title, Purpose, Intent and Severability)
Section 11.19.2522 REPEALED (Geologically Hazardous Areas General Provisions)
Section 11.19.2524 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.2526 REPEALED (Applicability)
Section 11.19.2528 REPEALED (Geologically Hazardous Areas)
Section 11.19.2530 REPEALED (Incentives)
Section 11.19.255 REPEALED (Development Sensitive Overlay Zone)
Section 11.19.2560 REPEALED (Title, Purpose, Intent and Severability)
Section 11.19.2562 REPEALED (Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas General Provisions)
Section 11.19.2564 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.2566 REPEALED (Fish and Wildlife Habitat at Conservation Areas)
Section 11.19.2568 REPEALED (Incentives)
Section 11.19.260 REPEALED (Height Districts)
Section 11.19.265 REPEALED (Major Institution Overlay Zone)
Section 11.19.275 REPEALED (Industrial Overlay Zone)
Section 11.19.276 REPEALED (Industrial Overlay Zone -- Public Notice)
Section 11.19.280 REPEALED (Interim Development Control Districts)
Section 11.19.282 REPEALED (Operation of Interim Development Control)
Section 11.19.2851 REPEALED (Redevelopment Overlay Districts – Purpose)
Section 11.19.2852 REPEALED (Redevelopment Overlay Districts – Definitions)
Section 11.19.2853 REPEALED (Establishment of Redevelopment Overlay Districts)
Section 11.19.2854 REPEALED (Termination of Other Zoning)
Section 11.19.2855 REPEALED (Conditions for Development of Land with a ROD Zoning Classification)
Section 11.19.2856 REPEALED (Protection Against Incompatible Zoning)
Section 11.19.2857 REPEALED (Restrictive Covenant on Nuisance)
Section 11.19.2858 REPEALED (Land Use Compatibility Table)
Section 11.19.290 REPEALED (Limited Zone)
Section 11.19.2902 REPEALED (Screening and Impact Abatement)
Section 11.19.2904 REPEALED (Processing Activities or Operations)
Section 11.19.2906 REPEALED (Site Improvement and Plantings)
Section 11.19.2908 REPEALED (Site Planting Standards)
Section 11.19.2910 REPEALED (Types of Landscaping)
Section 11.19.2912 REPEALED (Swale Percolation)
Section 11.19.2914 REPEALED (Time for Completion -- Security)
Section 11.19.2916 REPEALED (Landscape Sprinkling)
Section 11.19.2918 REPEALED (Maximum Landscaping Requirement)
Section 11.19.2920 REPEALED (Parking and Loading Areas)
Section 11.19.2922 REPEALED (Signs)
Section 11.19.2924 REPEALED (Lighting)
Section 11.19.2926 REPEALED (Building Height)
Section 11.19.2928 REPEALED (Site Coverage)
Section 11.19.293 REPEALED (Transfer of Residential Development Rights -- Purpose.)
Section 11.19.2930 REPEALED (Required Yards)
Section 11.19.2932 REPEALED (Lapse of Zoning)
Section 11.19.2934 REPEALED (Special Districts Plans and Agreement)
Section 11.19.2936 REPEALED (Special Districts Bulk and Dimension Variation)
Section 11.19.294 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Definitions)
Section 11.19.295 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Prerequisite Conditions)
Section 11.19.296 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Approval Required and Decision-maker)
Section 11.19.297 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Recorded on Deeds)
Section 11.19.298 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Supplemental Procedure)
Section 11.19.299 REPEALED (Transfer of Development Rights – Public Purchase and Sale)
Section 11.19.2991 REPEALED (Transfer of Residential Development Rights – Purchase and Sale)
Section 11.19.300 REPEALED (Manufactured Home Districts)

Article IV. Special Uses

Section 11.19.310 REPEALED (Uses by Special Permit in Any Zone)
Section 11.19.315 REPEALED (Special Uses Temporary Permit)
Section 11.19.320 REPEALED (Uses Not Mentioned)
Section 11.19.322 REPEALED (Adult Businesses)
Section 11.19.325 REPEALED (Conversion of Public and Semi-Public Facilities)
Section 11.19.330 REPEALED (Conversion of Large Residences)
Section 11.19.340 REPEALED (Grouping of Residences)
Section 11.19.350 REPEALED (Manufactured Home Locational Criteria)
Section 11.19.355 REPEALED (Manufactured Home Site Improvement Standards)
Section 11.19.360 REPEALED (Mini-storage Facilities)
Section 11.19.361 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Objectives)
Section 11.19.362 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Application Procedure)
Section 11.19.363 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Permitted Uses)
Section 11.19.364 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Plans in Lieu of Compliance with Zoning Regulations)
Section 11.19.365 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Minor Adjustments)
Section 11.19.366 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Building Coverage, Yards and Height)
Section 11.19.367 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Residential PUD Area)
Section 11.19.368 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Basic Density)
Section 11.19.369 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Residential PUD Bonus Density)
Section 11.19.3691 REPEALED (Planned Unit Development – Common Open Space and Facilities)
Section 11.19.370 REPEALED (Accessory and Incidental Uses)
Section 11.19.375 REPEALED (Accessory Dwelling Unit)
Section 11.19.380 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Policy)
Section 11.19.390 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Lapse of Rights)
Section 11.19.395 REPEALED (Adult Retail Use Establishments – Nonconforming Use)
Section 11.19.400 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Repair)
Section 11.19.410 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Englargement)
Section 11.19.420 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Conversion)
Section 11.19.430 REPEALED (Nonconforming Uses – Termination)
Section 11.19.440 REPEALED (Use of Residential Streets)
Section 11.19.4450 REPEALED (Purpose of Regulations)
Section 11.19.4452 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.4454 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Antenna Arrays – Permitted)
Section 11.19.4456 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Support Towers – Permitted)
Section 11.19.4458 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Facilities Site Development Standards)

Article V. Dimensional Requirements

Section 11.19.450 REPEALED (Minimum Residential Lot Size)
Section 11.19.4552 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Support Towers – Permitted)
Section 11.19.460 REPEALED (Minimum Lot Area)
Section 11.19.470 REPEALED (Minimum Lot Width)
Section 11.19.480 REPEALED (Maximum Building Coverage)
Section 11.19.490 REPEALED (Maximum Building Height)
Section 11.19.500 REPEALED (Maximum Building Bulk)
Section 11.19.510 REPEALED (Yards – In General)
Section 11.19.520 REPEALED (Yards – Accessory Uses)
Section 11.19.530 REPEALED (Minimum Yards)
Section 11.19.540 REPEALED (Determination of Yards – Front)
Section 11.19.550 REPEALED (Determination of Yards – Rear)
Section 11.19.560 REPEALED (Determination of Yards – Side)
Section 11.19.570 REPEALED (Fences and Walls – In General)
Section 11.19.580 REPEALED (Fences and Walls – Required)
Section 11.19.590 REPEALED (Fences and Walls – Prohibited or Restricted)

Article VI. Required Improvements

Section 11.19.600 REPEALED (Landscaping – Defined)
Section 11.19.610 REPEALED (Landscaping – Required)
Section 11.19.615 REPEALED (Grassed Swale Percolation Area)
Section 11.19.620 REPEALED (Screening – Defined)
Section 11.19.630 REPEALED (Screening – Required)
Section 11.19.640 REPEALED (Off-street Parking and Loading – In General)
Section 11.19.650 REPEALED (Required Parking – Assembly Places)
Section 11.19.651 REPEALED (Required Parking – Educational Uses)
Section 11.19.652 REPEALED (Required Parking – Industrial Uses)
Section 11.19.653 REPEALED (Required Parking – Institutional Uses)
Section 11.19.654 REPEALED (Required Parking – Office Buildings)
Section 11.19.655 REPEALED (Required Parking – Residences)
Section 11.19.656 REPEALED (Required Parking – Retail and Service Uses)
Section 11.19.657 REPEALED (Required Parking – Warehouse Uses)
Section 11.19.658 REPEALED (Required Parking – Wholesale Uses)
Section 11.19.660 REPEALED (Location of Off-street Parking – In General)
Section 11.19.661 REPEALED (Location of Off-street Parking)
Section 11.19.662 REPEALED (Size of Parking Space)
Section 11.19.663 REPEALED (Improvement of Off-street Parking)
Section 11.19.670 REPEALED (Off-street Loading – In General)
Section 11.19.680 REPEALED (Number of Required Loading Spaces)
Section 11.19.690 REPEALED (Location of Off-street Loading)
Section 11.19.700 REPEALED (Size of Loading Space)
Section 11.19.710 REPEALED (Parking and Loading – Combined Uses)

Article VII. Administration and Procedure

Section 11.19.720 REPEALED (Building Official)
Section 11.19.730 REPEALED (City Council)
Section 11.19.740 REPEALED (Fire Official)
Section 11.19.750 REPEALED (Health Officer.)
Section 11.19.755 REPEALED (Hearing Examiner)
Section 11.19.760 REPEALED (Historic Body)
Section 11.19.770 REPEALED (Park Board)
Section 11.19.780 REPEALED (Parks Director)
Section 11.19.790 REPEALED (Plan Commission)
Section 11.19.800 REPEALED (Engineering Services Director)
Section 11.19.820 REPEALED (Zoning Director – Planning Director)
Section 11.19.825 REPEALED (Reasonable Use Exception)
Section 11.19.830 REPEALED (Zoning Board.)
Section 11.19.840 REPEALED (Zoning Board of Adjustment.)
Section 11.19.850 REPEALED (Interpretation)
Section 11.19.860 REPEALED (Innovative Residential Development)
Section 11.19.870 REPEALED (Development Agreements)
Section 11.19.880 REPEALED (Revision of Approval)
Section 11.19.890 REPEALED (Amendment)

Wetlands Protection

Section 11.19.3010 REPEALED (Title, Authority and Purpose)
Section 11.19.3015 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 11.19.3016 REPEALED (“Activity”)
Section 11.19.3017 REPEALED (“Applicant”)
Section 11.19.3018 REPEALED (“Compensatory Mitigation”)
Section 11.19.3019 REPEALED (“Dedication”)
Section 11.19.3020 REPEALED (“Degraded Wetland”)
Section 11.19.3021 REPEALED (“Department”)
Section 11.19.3022 REPEALED (“Developable Area”)
Section 11.19.3023 REPEALED (“Development”)
Section 11.19.3024 REPEALED (“Director”)
Section 11.19.3025 REPEALED (“Documented Habitat”)
Section 11.19.3026 REPEALED (“Emergent Wetland”)
Section 11.19.3027 REPEALED (“Enhancement”)
Section 11.19.3028 REPEALED (“Erosion”)
Section 11.19.3029 REPEALED (“Essential Habitat”)
Section 11.19.3030 REPEALED (“Exotic”)
Section 11.19.3031 REPEALED (“Extraordinary Hardship”)
Section 11.19.3032 REPEALED (“Federal Manual for Identifying and Delineating Jurisdictional Wetlands”)
Section 11.19.3033 REPEALED (“Forested Wetland”)
Section 11.19.3034 REPEALED (“Functions – Values”)
Section 11.19.3035 REPEALED (“Grading”)
Section 11.19.3036 REPEALED (“High Quality Vegetative Buffer”)
Section 11.19.3037 REPEALED (“Hydric Soil”)
Section 11.19.3038 REPEALED (“Hydrophytic Vegetation”)
Section 11.19.3039 REPEALED (“In-kind Compensation”)
Section 11.19.3040 REPEALED (“Isolated Wetlands”)
Section 11.19.3041 REPEALED (“Maintenance”)
Section 11.19.3042 REPEALED (“Mitigation”)
Section 11.19.3043 REPEALED (“Monitoring”)
Section 11.19.3044 REPEALED (“Native Vegetation”)
Section 11.19.3045 REPEALED (“Off-site Compensation”)
Section 11.19.3046 REPEALED (“On-site Compensation”)
Section 11.19.3047 REPEALED (“Open Water Component”)
Section 11.19.3048 REPEALED (“Out-of-kind Compensation”)
Section 11.19.3049 REPEALED (“Owner”)
Section 11.19.3050 REPEALED (“Person”)
Section 11.19.3051 REPEALED (“Pollution”)
Section 11.19.3052 REPEALED (“Practicable Alternative”)
Section 11.19.3053 REPEALED (“Primary Drainage Basin”)
Section 11.19.3054 REPEALED (“Qualified Wetlands Professional”)
Section 11.19.3055 REPEALED (“Repair – Maintenance”)
Section 11.19.3056 REPEALED (“Restoration”)
Section 11.19.3057 REPEALED (“Riparian Wetland”)
Section 11.19.3058 REPEALED (“Scrub-shrub Wetland”)
Section 11.19.3059 REPEALED (“Serviceable”)
Section 11.19.3060 REPEALED (“Site”)
Section 11.19.3061 REPEALED (“Subject Property”)
Section 11.19.3062 REPEALED (“Unavoidable and Necessary Impacts”)
Section 11.19.3063 REPEALED (“Vegetative Classes”)
Section 11.19.3064 REPEALED (“Water Dependent”)
Section 11.19.3065 REPEALED (“Wetlands”)
Section 11.19.3066 REPEALED (“Wetlands Exempt from Regulation”)
Section 11.19.3067 REPEALED (“Wetland Buffer – Wetland Buffer Zone”)
Section 11.19.3068 REPEALED (“Wetland Types”)
Section 11.19.3069 REPEALED (“Wetlands of Local Significance”)
Section 11.19.3070 REPEALED (“Wetlands Permits”)
Section 11.19.3071 REPEALED (General Provisions)
Section 11.19.3073 REPEALED (Lands to which Ordinance Applies)
Section 11.19.3075 REPEALED (Regulated Activities – Wetland Permit Required)
Section 11.19.3077 REPEALED (Unregulated Activities – No Wetland Permit Required)
Section 11.19.3079 REPEALED (Emergency Activities – Temporary Emergency Permit)
Section 11.19.3081 REPEALED (Prohibited Activities)
Section 11.19.3083 REPEALED (General Permit Requirements and Procedures)
Section 11.19.3085 REPEALED (Protection of Wetlands and Wetland Buffers – Sensitive Area Tracts)
Section 11.19.3087 REPEALED (Notice on Title)
Section 11.19.3089 REPEALED (Wetlands Rating System)
Section 11.19.3091 REPEALED (Wetland Buffers)
Section 11.19.3093 REPEALED (Exceptions to Standards – Unavoidable and Necessary Impacts – Extraordinary Hardships – Reasonable Use)
Section 11.19.3095 REPEALED (Mitigation)
Section 11.19.3097 REPEALED (Density Transfer)