City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 17F
Chapter 17F.080
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(Select All) Title 17F Construction Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17F.080 Fire Code

Section 17F.080.010 Adoption of International Fire Code
Section 17F.080.020 REPEALED (Adoption of National Fire Protection Association Standards)
Section 17F.080.030 Appendices Adopted
Section 17F.080.040 Fire Marshal
Section 17F.080.050 Fire Equipment Permit
Section 17F.080.060 Other Permits
Section 17F.080.070 Flammable or Combustible Liquids
Section 17F.080.080 Fire Code Appeals
Section 17F.080.090 Additional Definitions – Section 202
Section 17F.080.100 Fire Alarm System
Section 17F.080.110 Fire Alarm System Requirements
Section 17F.080.120 Elevator Shafts, Equipment Rooms, Machine Spaces, and Lobbies
Section 17F.080.130 Assembly Occupancies
Section 17F.080.140 Fire Alarm System Permits Required
Section 17F.080.150 Installation Requirements
Section 17F.080.160 REPEALED (Dry Cell Batteries)
Section 17F.080.170 REPEALED (Audible Signal)
Section 17F.080.180 REPEALED (Interconnection to Sprinkler System)
Section 17F.080.190 REPEALED (Acceptance Testing)
Section 17F.080.200 Operating Instructions
Section 17F.080.210 REPEALED (Visual Signal)
Section 17F.080.220 Incidental Functions
Section 17F.080.230 REPEALED (Presignal Alarm)
Section 17F.080.240 Central Reporting
Section 17F.080.250 REPEALED (Alarm System Maintenance)
Section 17F.080.260 Fire Protection System Verification
Section 17F.080.270 Fire Equipment Servicer Registration
Section 17F.080.271 Fire Alarm Designer Registration
Section 17F.080.275 Fire Alarm Testing Registration
Section 17F.080.280 Securing Fire-damaged Buildings
Section 17F.080.290 Maintenance Records
Section 17F.080.300 Retail Storage and Sale of Matches and Lighters
Section 17F.080.310 Fire Department Connections
Section 17F.080.320 Fire Hydrant Proximity to Access Road
Section 17F.080.321 REPEALED (Fire Hydrant Proximity to Residential Infill Properties)
Section 17F.080.330 Reimbursement for Fire Response
Section 17F.080.340 REPEALED (Tank Vehicle – Permit)
Section 17F.080.350 REPEALED (LPG Vehicles)
Section 17F.080.360 Private Hydrants – Unauthorized Use
Section 17F.080.370 Private Hydrants – Inspection – Installation
Section 17F.080.380 Private Hydrants – Regulations
Section 17F.080.390 Private Hydrants – Semi-annual Inspection
Section 17F.080.400 Inspection Reports of Private Hydrants
Section 17F.080.410 Private Hydrants – Damage – Malfunction
Section 17F.080.420 Private Hydrants – Maintenance and Repair
Section 17F.080.430 REPEALED (Private Hydrants – Access)
Section 17F.080.440 REPEALED (Basements)
Section 17F.080.450 REPEALED (Basement Extinguishing System – Exceptions)
Section 17F.080.455 Basement Extinguishing System
Section 17F.080.460 REPEALED ( Basement Extinguishing System – Minimum Requirements)
Section 17F.080.470 Hydraulic Calculation Design Contingency
Section 17F.080.471 Fire Sprinkler System Remote Test Connection
Section 17F.080.472 Combined Fire Service Mains
Section 17F.080.473 Hydraulic Calculation Water Flow Test
Section 17F.080.480 Standpipes
Section 17F.080.490 Licensed Cannabis Processor Extraction Requirements