City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 02
Chapter 02.005
Section 02.005.010

Title 02 Council and Legislation

Chapter 02.005 Council President and City Council

Section 02.005.010 Council President and City Council
  1. As provided in the City Charter a City Council President and six City Council Members constitute the City Council, which is the legislative body of the City. The City Council President and City Council Members have no administrative authority over personnel matters except the Council President and the Council Members:

    1. Appoint, evaluate and discharge the Hearing Examiner;

    2. appoint, evaluate, and discharge the City Council’s Senior Research and Policy Analyst;

    3. appoint, evaluate, and discharge the City Council’s Policy Advisor;

    4. approve the appointment by the Mayor of the City Attorney, the City Clerk, and the permanent, acting, or interim administrative head in each department and division; provided:

      1. any person appointed for the position of department head on a permanent basis shall be placed on the  city council agenda by the mayor within 30 days of the appointment and considered for approval pursuant to section 24 of the city charter;

      2. persons appointed for the job positions of interim or acting department head shall serve as such for up to 180 days, which period can be extended for up to an additional 180 days by city council resolution;

    5. appoint nominees of the Mayor to boards, commissions, and other official City agencies, unless otherwise provided;

    6. hire, supervise, evaluate, and discharge their own administrative staff;

    7. hire, supervise, evaluate, and discharge their individual legislative assistants.

  2. The Council President reviews the preparation of the agenda for City Council meetings, briefings, and study session meetings and presides at meetings of the City Council. The Council President also serves as the Mayor Pro Tem. The Council President shall serve as the primary signatory on all Council budgetary, expenditure, and appropriation matters as related to the Council Office budget; consistent with City procedures and policies.

  3. City Council agenda items shall be submitted and processed consistent with the City Council Rules of Procedure and administrative policies and procedures.

  4. The City Council shall establish committees to assist in the performance of its assigned duties.

    1. The standing committees shall have a minimum of three members, one from each of the three City Council districts.

    2. The council president may chair two of the standing committees as determined in his or her sole discretion.

    3. All other committees, including ad hoc committees, shall select their own chair.

    4. At no time shall a member of the City Council chair more than two standing committees at the same time.

    5. Ad hoc committees shall be composed with a minimum of three members appointed by the majority of the City Council.

    6. Standing committee membership shall be determined by the second legislative session of the City Council of each calendar year and memorialized by resolution of the City Council. Membership on each of the standing committees will be determined from those expressing an interest to serve on the committee.

  5. Any City Council committee with more than three Council Members as committee members shall be considered a committee of the whole City Council. All meetings of such a committee shall be considered a special Council meeting with the appropriate public meeting notice. No legislative action may be taken at any standing or ad hoc committee unless the committee meeting was noticed as a special meeting in compliance with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA) and Rule 4.2 of the City Council Rules of Procedure.

  6. All standing committee meetings shall be open to the public except when the committee adjourns into executive session. No public testimony will be taken during standing committee meetings. Participation in a standing committee meeting shall be limited to standing committee members, appropriate staff, and other individuals recognized by the committee. Participation by Council Members, including deliberation and voting, shall be open to all Council Members when the standing committee is meeting as a committee of the whole and as a special Council meeting. Participation by Council Members in a standing committee that is not a committee of the whole shall be limited to just the appointed Council Members.

Date Passed: Monday, September 12, 2016

Effective Date: Saturday, October 29, 2016

ORD C35428 Section 1