City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 02
Chapter 02.04
Section 02.04.040

Title 02 Council and Legislation

Chapter 02.04 Civil Emergencies

Section 02.04.040 Authorized Emergency Orders

Upon the declaration of a civil emergency, and during the existence of such civil emergency, the mayor may make and proclaim any or all of the following orders and delegate enforcement authority therefore to law enforcement officers and designated emergency personnel:

  1. An order imposing a general curfew applicable to the City as a whole, or to such geographical area or areas of the City and during such hours as shall be deemed necessary, and from time to time during such civil emergency to modify the hours such curfew will be in effect, and the area or areas within the City to which it will apply.
  2. An order requiring any and all business establishments or other places of public assemblage to close and remain closed until further order.
  3. An order requiring the closure of any and all bars, taverns, liquor stores or other business establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold or otherwise dispensed; provided, that with respect to those business establishments which are not primarily devoted to the sale of alcoholic beverages and in which such alcoholic beverages may be removed or made secure from possible seizure by the public, the portions thereof utilized for the sale of items other than alcoholic beverages may, in the discretion of the mayor or his alternate, be allowed to remain open.
  4. An order requiring the discontinuance of the sale, distribution or giving away of alcoholic beverages in any or all parts of the City.
  5. An order requiring the discontinuance of the sale, distribution or giving away of gasoline or other flammable liquids or combustible products in any container other than a gasoline tank properly affixed to a motor vehicle and used as the source of fuel for such vehicle.
  6. An order closing to the public any or all public places including streets, alleys, public ways, schools, parks, beaches, amusement areas and public buildings.
  7. An order establishing economic controls in aid of and supplementary to and consistent with federal orders relating to price stabilization or controls including:

    1. the convening and establishing of ration boards;

    2. auditing retail and wholesale ration accounts;

    3. monitoring price control operations and reporting violations to appropriate authorities;

    4. assisting in providing essential supplies to disaster victims;

    5. advising appropriate authorities concerning rationing, price control, wage and rent controls and allocation of food and other essential commodities.
  8. An order directing the use of all public and private health, medical, and convalescent facilities and equipment to provide emergency health and medical care for injured persons.
  9. An order authorizing, in cooperation with utility management and appropriate state and federal agencies, the shutting off, restoration, and operation of utility services in accordance with priorities established for combating such civil emergency.
  10. An order providing for the evacuation and reception of the population of the City or any part thereof; and
  11. Such other orders as are imminently necessary for the protection of life and property.

Date Passed: Monday, July 14, 2008

Effective Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008

ORD C34277 Section 4