City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 03
Chapter 03.01A
Section 03.01A.310

Title 03 Administration and Personnel

Chapter 03.01A Executive and Administrative Organization

Article II. Departments

Section 03.01A.310 Fleet Services

The fleet services department has three sections:

  1. Equipment maintenance, which develops specifications for and administers the acquisition of motor vehicles and other rolling equipment, schedules and performs equipment maintenance and repairs, and maintains replacement schedules, rental rates and equipment history.
  2. Facilities maintenance, which provides preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, boiler inspections, minor repairs and other work on City facilities, coordinates major repairs and modifications by contract, reviews plans for new facilities, and maintains equipment inspection records as required by federal and state laws; and
  3. Communications management, which manages and maintains communications networks for the police, fire, water, engineering and other departments, develops specifications for equipment acquisition, ensures compliance with Federal Communications Commission requirements, maintains replacements schedules, rental rates and equipment history, and coordinates joint activities with other governmental entities.

Date Passed: Monday, April 8, 2013

Effective Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ORD C34964 Section 2