City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 04
Chapter 04.25
Section 04.25.030

Title 04 Administrative Agencies and Procedures

Chapter 04.25 Public Development Authority

Article I. General Provisions

Section 04.25.030 Powers Generally

Except as limited by the Constitution of the State of Washington, the Charter of the City of Spokane, or this chapter, the authority has and may exercise all lawful powers necessary or convenient to effect the purposes for which it is created and to perform authorized corporate functions, including, without limitation, the power to:

  1. own and sell real and personal property;
  1. contract for any corporate purpose with a government, individual, association or corporation;
  1. sue and be sued in its name;
  1. lend and borrow funds;
  1. do anything a natural person may do;
  1. perform all manner and type of community services and activities;
  1. provide and implement such municipal and community services and functions as the city council may by ordinance direct;
  1. transfer any funds, real or personal property interests or services;
  1. receive and administer federal and private funds, goods or services for any lawful public purpose;
  1. purchase, lease, exchange, mortgage, encumber, improve, use, transfer and grant security interest in real or personal property;
  1. grant or acquire options on real and personal property;
  1. contract regarding income or receipts from real and personal property;
  1. issue negotiable bonds and notes in conformity with applicable provisions of state law in such principal amounts as in the discretion of the board are necessary or appropriate to provide sufficient funds for achieving any purpose of the authority, upon the condition that:
    1. all bonds and notes, and liabilities occurring thereunder, shall be satisfied exclusively from the assets, properties and credits of the authority; and
    1. no creditor or other person may have any recourse to the assets, credit or services of the City, unless the city council by ordinance expressly guarantee such bonds or notes;
  1. contract for, lease and accept transfers, gifts and loans or funds and property from a:
    1. government, including property acquired by any such governmental unit through the exercise of the power of eminent domain; and
    1. corporation, association, individual and any other source, and to comply with the terms and conditions therefor;
  1. manage, on behalf of a government, any property acquired by such entity through gift, purchase, construction, lease, assignment, default or exercise of the power of eminent domain;
  1. recommend to appropriate governmental authorities public improvements and expenditures in areas of the City in which the authority by its charter has a particular responsibility;
  1. recommend to a government any property which, if committed or transferred to the authority, would materially advance the public purpose for which the authority is chartered;
  1. initiate, carry out and complete such improvements of benefit to the public, consistent with its charter, as a government may request;
  1. recommend to a government such tax, financing and security measures as the authority may deem appropriate to maximize the public interest in activities in which the authority by its charter has a particular responsibility;
  1. lend its funds, property, credit and services for purposes of the authority, or act as surety or guarantor for such purposes;
  1. provide advisory, consultative, training, educational and community services and advice to individuals, corporations, associations and governmental agencies, with or without charge;
  1. control the use and disposition of property, assets, and credit of the authority;
  1. invest and re-invest its funds;
  1. fix and collect charges for services rendered or to be rendered and establish the consideration, if any, for property transferred;
  1. maintain books and records as appropriate for the conduct of its affairs;
  1. conduct its affairs, carry on its operations and use its property as allowed by law and consistent with this chapter, its charter and its bylaws;
  1. name corporate officials, designate agents and engage employees, prescribing their duties, qualifications and compensation;
  1. secure the services of consultants for professional services, technical assistance and advice;
  1. identify and recommend to a government the acquisition by the appropriate governmental entity (for transfer to or use by the authority) property and property rights which, if so acquired, whether through purchase or the exercise of eminent domain, and so transferred or used, would materially advance the purpose for which the authority is chartered;
  1. own and acquire property and property rights by purchase, gift, devise, or lease for the construction, maintenance or operation of off-street parking facilities, including the establishment and collection of parking fees and all other matter provided for in chapter 35.86 RCW and chapter 35.86A RCW;
  1. exercise and enjoy such other powers as may be authorized by law.

Date Passed: Monday, March 26, 2007

Effective Date: Sunday, May 6, 2007

Recodification ORD C33995 Section 1