City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 08
Chapter 08.15
Section 08.15.050

Title 08 Taxation and Revenue

Chapter 08.15 Multiple-family Housing Property Tax Exemption

Section 08.15.050 Application Procedure – Fee
  1. The owner of property applying for exemption under this chapter shall submit an application to the director, on a form established by the director. The owner shall verify the application by oath or affirmation. The application shall contain such information as the director may deem necessary or useful, and shall include:

  2. information setting forth the grounds supporting the requested exemption including information indicated on the application form;

  3. a brief written description of the project and preliminary schematic site and floor plans of the multifamily units and the structure(s) in which they are proposed to be located; and

  4. a statement from the owner acknowledging the potential tax liability when the property ceases to be eligible for exemption under this chapter.

  5. In the case of rehabilitation or where demolition or new construction is required, the owner shall secure from the City, before commencement of rehabilitation improvements or new construction, verification of property noncompliance with applicable building and housing codes.

  6. At the time of initial application under this section, the applicant shall pay to the City an initial application fee as set forth in SMC 8.02.0695. If the City denies the application, the City will retain that portion of the fee attributable to its own actual administrative costs and refund the balance, if any, to the applicant.

  7. The director shall notify the applicant within thirty days of the application being filed if the director determines that an application is not complete and shall identify what additional information is required before the application will be complete. Within thirty days of receiving additional information, the director shall notify the applicant in writing if the director determines that the application is still not complete, and what additional information is necessary.

  8. An application shall be deemed to be complete if the director does not notify the applicant in writing by the deadlines in this section that the application is incomplete; however, a determination of completeness does not preclude the director from requiring additional information during the review process if more information is needed to evaluate the application according to the criteria in this chapter.

  9. The application shall be submitted any time before an application for a building or other construction permit. However, an applicant for the multiple family housing property tax exemption may obtain an early start approval pursuant to SMC 17F.040.100 prior to the application for the tax exemption. The improvements made to the property pursuant to the early start approval shall not qualify for the exemption.

Date Passed: Monday, August 21, 2017

Effective Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017

ORD C35524 Section 4