City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 10
Chapter 10.08C
Section 10.08C.140

Title 10 Regulation of Activities

Chapter 10.08C Homeless Encampments

Section 10.08C.140 Violations
  1. No person may knowingly establish, operate, or maintain a homeless encampment without first obtaining a permit under SMC 10.08C.100.
    1. The encampment shall be accessible at all times for police and emergency services.
    1. The encampment shall be accessible at all times for inspection by City, County, and regional agencies.
  1. No person may maintain a condition which could create a fire or safety hazard as determined by the fire department by:
    1. using materials for roof covering or walls that are not flame retardant/resistant;
    1. use of open fires for cooking or heating;
    1. using heating appliances within individual tents that are not licensed and designed for that purpose;
    1. use cooking appliances other than microwave ovens;
    1. using structures, collection of wood, cloth, paper, plastic or glass material, vegetation or flammable substances kept in such manner that would create a substantial risk of combustion or spread of fire.
  1. No person may maintain conditions which could create a nuisance or hazard as determined by the code enforcement department by:
    1. No person may maintain any condition upon the premises which creates or tends to create a risk to the public health or safety, specifically including but not limited to the accumulation of solid waste, including garbage, refuse, or any malodorous, unhealthful, flammable, or putrescent materials on premises.
    1. No owner or occupant of private property may deposit or accumulate, or permit the deposit or accumulation of, solid waste upon such private property. This subsection does not prohibit the storage of garbage or rubbish in public solid waste receptacles, or in garbage cans or in securely tied bundles, when such storage meets the requirements of the solid waste management department.
    1. No occupant of the camp or the property owner may allow the accumulation of solid waste on sidewalks or planting strips, whether or not such solid waste is deposited by such owner or occupant.
  1. No person may maintain a condition which the director of neighborhood services and code enforcement has determined to be a violation as provided in chapter 10.08C SMC.


Date Passed: Monday, October 20, 2008

Effective Date: Sunday, November 30, 2008

ORD C34313 Section 1