City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17D
Chapter 17D.050A
Section 17D.050A.140

Title 17D City-wide Standards

Chapter 17D.050A Roadway Naming and Addressing

Section 17D.050A.140 Display of Address
  1. On structures now existing or hereafter erected the owner of the property or structure shall conspicuously place the correct address, as required by this chapter.

  2. Addresses shall be displayed on all new and existing buildings. Letters, numbers, or symbols shall meet the following standards:

    1. The posted address shall be metal or other durable material.

    2. The numbering/lettering shall be at least four inches in height, and one-half inch in stroke width minimum.

    3. The posted address shall contrast with its background.

    4. The address shall be placed on the structure plainly legible and visible from the roadway from which vehicular access is provided to the property or structure.

    5. Address is visible from all directions of travel.

  3. Structures in excess of 100 feet from the roadway fronting the property shall display the address on a sign, monument, or post not less than three feet, or more than six feet above the ground and located at the entrance to the property from the nearest roadway.  The structure shall display additional posting at the structure location.

  4. If two or more addressable structures share a common primary access and any one of the addressable structures is located more than 100 feet from the roadway designated in the assigned address, the addresses for each structure shall be posted at the intersection of the shared access and the named roadway on a sign or post not less than three feet nor more than six feet above the ground, and each structure shall display additional posting at the structure location.

  5. If refuse collection is elsewhere than in the fronting street of a building, the owner and occupant shall conspicuously post and maintain the street address number near the refuse receptacles clearly legible from the place where the refuse is collected.

  6. Address numbers, signage, location, and sizing shall be maintained in a manner consistent with the provision, purpose and intent of this addressing standard by the responsible property owner, including all other local, state and federal laws.  

Date Passed: Monday, November 14, 2016

Effective Date: Thursday, December 22, 2016

ORD C35452 Section 2