City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17D
Chapter 17D.050A
Section 17D.050A.150

Title 17D City-wide Standards

Chapter 17D.050A Roadway Naming and Addressing

Section 17D.050A.150 List of Established Roadway Names, Assigned Addressing, and Mapping

The City of Spokane - Spokane County RPSGIS committee shall maintain the Regional Public Safety Spatial Database comprised of all public and private roadways and addresses within all of Spokane County.  The aforementioned spatial database is available for viewing either online from the Spokane County website or in person within the Spokane County Public Works Building during regular business hours.

Date Passed: Monday, November 14, 2016

Effective Date: Thursday, December 22, 2016

ORD C35452 Section 2