City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 17E
Chapter 17E.060
Section 17E.060.060

Title 17E Environmental Standards

Chapter 17E.060 Shoreline Regulations

Article I. General Provisions

Section 17E.060.060 Shoreline Maps
  1. The shoreline maps are the graphic representation of the City’s shorelines that are regulated by these shoreline regulations. Boundaries depicted on these maps are approximate. They have not been formally delineated or surveyed and are intended for planning purposes only. Additional site-specific evaluation may be needed to confirm/verify information shown on these maps. The shoreline maps include, but are not limited to:
    1. shoreline jurisdiction,
    1. shoreline environment designations,
    1. shoreline buffers, and
    1. shoreline districts.
  1. The shoreline maps are a regulatory overlay to the underlying zoning and provide a framework for allowing certain uses and implementing shoreline policies and regulations.
  1. In cases where development on a shoreline crosses or overlaps two different shoreline regulatory overlays, the more protective requirements shall apply. If disagreement develops as to the exact location of a shoreline designation boundary line, the following rules shall apply:
    1. Boundaries indicated as approximately following lot, tract, or section lines shall be so construed.
    1. Boundaries indicated as approximately following streets or railways shall be respectively construed to follow their centerlines.
    1. Boundaries indicated as approximately parallel to or extensions of features indicated in subsection (C)(1) or (C)(2) of this section shall be so construed; and
    1. Boundaries indicated as approximately occurring at definite changes in topography, geology, soils, or vegetative cover shall be so construed.
  1. Whenever existing physical features are inconsistent with boundaries on the shoreline maps, the City shall interpret the boundaries. Appeals may be made from such interpretations pursuant to SMC 17G.061.340.

Date Passed: Monday, November 3, 2008

Effective Date: Monday, July 26, 2010

ORD C34326 Section 2