City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 17E
Chapter 17E.070
Section 17E.070.180

Title 17E Environmental Standards

Chapter 17E.070 Wetlands Protection

Section 17E.070.180 Authority to Enforce
  1. The director is authorized to enforce this chapter and may call upon other appropriate City departments to assist in enforcement.

  2. It is the intent of this chapter to place the obligation of complying with its requirements upon the owner, occupier, or other person responsible for the condition of the wetland, buffer, land, premises, building, or structure within the scope of this chapter.

  3. No provision or term used in this chapter is intended to impose any duty upon the City or any of its officers or employees that would subject them to damages in a civil action.

  4. Nothing contained in this chapter is intended to be nor shall be construed to create or form the basis for liability on the part of the City or its officers, officials, employees or agents for any injury or damage resulting from the failure of any owner of property or land to comply with the provisions of this chapter, or by reason or in consequence of any inspection, notice, order, certificate, permission or approval authorized or issued in connection with the implementation or enforcement of this chapter, or by reason of any action or inaction on the part of the City related in any manner to the enforcement of this chapter by its officers, officials, employees or agents

Date Passed: Monday, June 19, 2017

Effective Date: Sunday, July 30, 2017

ORD C35508 Section 15