City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17G
Chapter 17G.020
Section 17G.020.040

Title 17G Administration and Procedures

Chapter 17G.020 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Procedure

Section 17G.020.040 Amendment Frequency

The comprehensive plan shall be subject to continuing review and evaluation by the City. Amendment to the comprehensive plan should not be considered more frequently than once a year, except as described in RCW 36.70A.130 or in the following cases:

  1. Initial adoption of a specific/subarea plan that does not modify the comprehensive plan policies and designations applicable to the subarea (RCW 36.70A.130(2)(a)(i)). However, as anticipated by the comprehensive plan, redesignations are exempt that comply with and implement the comprehensive plan policies regarding designations created as a part of initial neighborhood and centers planning efforts through the neighborhood planning program.

  2. Adoption or amendment of the shoreline master program.

  3. Amendment of the capital facilities program portion of the comprehensive plan that occurs concurrently with the adoption or amendment of a City budget.

  4. Whenever an emergency exists. The plan commission will review a potential emergency situation, with advice from the city attorney’s office, to determine if the situation does, in fact, necessitate an emergency comprehensive plan amendment. Findings must demonstrate a need of neighborhood or community-wide significance, and not a personal emergency on the part of a particular applicant or property owner. Potential emergency situations may involve official, legal or administrative actions, such as those to immediately avoid an imminent danger to public health and safety, prevent imminent danger to public or private property, prevent an imminent threat of serious environmental degradation or address the absence of adequate and available public facilities or services.

  5. Changes necessary to resolve an appeal of a comprehensive plan filed with a growth management hearings board or with the court.

  6. Changes necessary to address any recent state or federal legislative actions, or changes to state or federal regulations, such as changes to the Growth Management Act, or new environmental regulations.

  7. Changes to development regulations that are consistent with the comprehensive plan or are necessary to implement the comprehensive plan.

  8. Technical corrections that would remove typographical errors or resolve a mapping error.

  9. Amendment to the Land Use Plan Map to accommodate an annexation into the city.

Date Passed: Monday, August 21, 2017

Effective Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017

ORD C35536 Section 6