City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17G
Chapter 17G.080
Section 17G.080.030

Title 17G Administration and Procedures

Chapter 17G.080 Subdivisions

Section 17G.080.030 Boundary Line Adjustment
  1. Boundary Line Adjustment Procedure.

A request to adjust boundary lines shall be submitted to the director for approval with all of the following:

    1. An application for boundary line adjustment, including the names, addresses and signatures of all owners.
    1. A copy of an assessor’s map of the property to illustrate the property location and size.
    1. Assessor’s parcel numbers of all property involved.
    1. Legal description of each lot before boundary line adjustment.
    1. Legal description of each lot after boundary line adjustment.
    1. An accurate drawing of the subject property including property dimensions and existing structures showing clearly the proposed boundary line adjustment.
    1. A survey, if deemed necessary by the director; and
    1. The application fee set forth in chapter 8.02 SMC.
  1. Setbacks, Lot Area Width and Access Requirements.

Each lot included in the boundary line adjustment application shall meet the minimum setbacks, lot area, lot width, access and frontage requirements for a building site as provided in this chapter and chapter 17C SMC.

  1. Decision.

Approval or denial of a boundary line request is by letter to the applicant. The applicant shall record the letter of approval with the Spokane county auditor’s office and complete a segregation application with the Spokane county assessor’s office. The letter of approval is required to be recorded, a segregation completed and a copy of the complete segregation application returned to the planning and economic development services department within one year of the issue date or the boundary line adjustment becomes null and void. No permits shall be issued until a copy of the completed segregation application has been returned to the planning and economic development services department.

  1. Exceptions.

Prior to 1986 boundary line adjustments were not reviewed by the City of Spokane. Boundary line adjustments prior to 1986 that were not submitted to the Spokane County assessor’s office, but meet minimum width and area requirements are authorized to be processed as parcel line adjustments without further planning and economic development services department review.

    1. Owners of property that are unable to clear the title due to incomplete boundary line adjustments made prior to 1986 may apply directly at the Spokane County assessor’s office for a segregation.
    1. If the assessor’s office determines that the boundary line adjustment falls within this category, the owners will not be required to obtain a letter from the City planning and economic development services department authorizing the boundary line adjustment, provided that it meets the City and State definition for boundary line adjustment and does not create either an additional lot nor a non-buildable lot.

Date Passed: Monday, May 9, 2011

Effective Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011

ORD C34719 Section 16