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Title 16
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(Select All) Title 16 REPEALED (Motor Vehicles)

Chapter 16.04 REPEALED (Definitions)
Chapter 16.08 REPEALED (General Provisions)
Chapter 16.09 REPEALED (Off-road and Nonhighway Vehicles)
Chapter 16.10 REPEALED (Snowmobiles)
Chapter 16.12 REPEALED (Certificates of Ownership and Registration)
Chapter 16.16 REPEALED (Vehicle Licenses)
Chapter 16.20 REPEALED (Drivers’ Licenses – Identicards)
Chapter 16.25 REPEALED (Uniform Commercial Driver’s License Act)
Chapter 16.29 REPEALED (Financial Responsibility)
Chapter 16.30 REPEALED (Mandatory Liability Insurance)
Chapter 16.32 REPEALED (Vehicle Inspection)
Chapter 16.37 REPEALED (Vehicle Lighting and Other Equipment)
Chapter 16.44 REPEALED (Size, Weight, Load)
Chapter 16.52 REPEALED (Accidents – Reports – Abandoned vehicles)
Chapter 16.55 REPEALED (Towing and Impoundment)
Chapter 16.61 REPEALED (Rules of the Road)
Chapter 16.62 REPEALED (Motorized Personal Transportation Devices)
Chapter 16.63 REPEALED (Disposition of Traffic Infractions)
Chapter 16.64 REPEALED (Enforcement)
Chapter 16.71 REPEALED (Traffic-control Devices)
Chapter 16.72 REPEALED (Limited Access Facilities)
Chapter 16.74 REPEALED (Blind/Handicapped and Disabled Persons – "White Cane" Law)
Chapter 16.76 REPEALED (Traffic, Vehicles and Transportation, Miscellaneous)
Chapter 16.80 REPEALED (Air Quality Implementation Plan)
Chapter 16.83 REPEALED (Traffic Schools)
Chapter 16.99 REPEALED (Penalty Provisions)