Healthy Parks,
Healthy Neighborhoods

An investment in neighborhood parks, safety, and maintenance

Possible Levy Initiative

City of Spokane Parks & Recreation is evaluating a levy to improve parks in neighborhoods city-wide. The plan reflects the top community requests for park improvements, based on extensive feedback gathered during our 2021/2022 master planning.

What would be included?

  • Enhanced security and maintenance across all parks
  • 3 new neighborhood parks (Shiloh Hills, North Indian Trail, and Latah/Hangman)
  • 3 major park renovations (Minnehaha, Harmon, and Grant)
  • 32+/- full playground replacements
  • 22+/- playground repairs
  • 45+/- restroom improvements
  • 4 - 6 new all-weather sports fields
  • 16+/- sport court renovations
  • 1 new disc golf course
  • 1 new pump track
  • 12+/- irrigation system replacements
  • 4 trail and trailhead renovation/developments
  • 1 ADA Trailhead and River Access improvement at Boulder Beach
  • Natural land acquisition
Voter Fact Pie Chart

2023 Neighborhood Playground & Restroom Improvements

Possible Levy Fact Sheet

What would my neighborhood receive?

Every neighborhood would see park improvements.

To learn more about investments planned for parks in your neighborhood, please see Program Details. All park renovations would be designed in consultation with neighborhoods via neighborhood councils.

Why is levy funding necessary for these improvements?

Parks & Recreation can provide the current level of service with our existing budget, but to do more, it would require new funding sources.

The Parks division receives approximately 2.3% of the City's budget (representing 8% of the general fund expenditures). Program revenues and grants bring in additional money. Combined, the annual Parks & Recreation budget is about $24 million. These funds allow us to steward nearly 4,000 acres of public land and offer hundreds of free and low-cost recreation programs.

If approved, the levy would account for about 30% of the Parks budget, providing the funding to renovate aging parks, build new parks in neighborhoods without them, hire more maintenance and safety staff, add more all-weather fields, conserve more natural lands, and improve trails.

How much would it cost?

29 cents per $1,000 assessed property value

  • $6.04 per month for owner of home valued at $250,000
  • $7.98 per month for owner of home valued at $330,000 (average assessed home value in City limits)
  • $12.08 per month for owner of home valued at $500,000

$11.25 million a year for 20 years

When would the levy appear on the ballot?

The levy is being considered for vote sometime in 2024. If approved in 2024, renovations would begin when funding arrives in mid-2025, through 2044.

Would you like to share feedback?

To submit your feedback, please email or fill out our simple online form.

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