City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 02
Chapter 02.02
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(Select All) Title 02 Council and Legislation

(Select All) Chapter 02.02 Initiative and Referendum

Section 02.02.010 Findings and Purpose
Section 02.02.020 In General
Section 02.02.030 Filing of Initiative Measure
Section 02.02.040 Council Action on Initiative Measure
Section 02.02.050 REPEALED (Review of Initiative Measure by City Attorney)
Section 02.02.055 Petition Signatures
Section 02.02.060 Form of Initiative Petition
Section 02.02.070 Filing of Initiative Petition
Section 02.02.080 Council Action on City Clerk’s Report on Initiative Petition
Section 02.02.090 Validation of Signatures
Section 02.02.100 Council Action on Validated Initiative Petition
Section 02.02.110 Publicity
Section 02.02.115 Appeal of Ballot Title and Legal Challenge Regarding Legal Validity of Initiative Measure
Section 02.02.120 Special Referendum Procedures
Section 02.02.130 Commencement of Referendum
Section 02.02.140 Form of Referendum Petition
Section 02.02.150 Filing of Referendum Petition
Section 02.02.160 Council Action on Referendum Petition
Section 02.02.170 Council Action on Validated Referendum Petition
Section 02.02.175 Fiscal Impact Statement
Section 02.02.180 REPEALED (Public Funding of Litigation)